SpaceX Dragon successfully launches 29th commercial resupply mission for NASA to ISS

NASA with SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft successfully launched its 29th commercial resupply mission yesterday from launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 8:28 pm EST on November 9, 2023. The resupply includes various scientific experiments and technology demonstrations along with optical communications and measurement of atmospheric waves was shipped to the International Space Station. Know what the resupply mission will deliver.

SpaceX 29th commercial resupply mission

According to NASA’s report, the uncrewed spacecraft has carried over 2950 kilograms of cargo and scientific hardware. The Dragon resupply spacecraft is expected to arrive at the International Space Station at 5:20 a.m. EST on Saturday, November 11. The spacecraft is carrying two major experiments, NASA’s AWE( Atmospheric Waves Experiment) and ILLUMA-T experiments (Integrated Laser Communications Relay Demonstration Low Earth Orbit User Modem and Amplifier Terminal) to study atmospheric waves and laser-based communication.

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Additionally, the Dragon spacecraft is carrying atmosphere monitor parts to check the cabin’s atmosphere. It has a space tissue equivalent dosimeter which will study radiations and space radiation environment and more. Furthermore, reported that it also carries seasonal food for the crew on board. They also quoted NASA officials saying that the CRS-29 will stay on the space station for about a month and will fly back to Earth with an estimated cargo of 1724 kilograms. The Dragon spacecraft is the only spacecraft which has the ability to return to Earth without any harm or damage.

NASA will be live streaming the arrival of Dragon resupply spacecraft to the International Space Station from 3:45 am EST on the NASA+ streaming service which can be accessed from the web or the NASA app. It will also be aired on NASA TV, YouTube, and NASA’s official website.

About the International Space Station

The ISS is built with five major space agencies: NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA. It was launched on 20 November 1998 and it has successfully completed 24 years in the lower Earth orbit. Currently, the space station has seven people onboard.

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