Sports Super Agent Rich Paul Announces Klutch Athletics in Partnership with New Balance

Klutch Athletics, a new Black-owned sportswear company co-authored with New Balance, was just introduced by Rich Paul. The brand will support and assist all athletes through all phases of their athletic careers, including youth, collegiate, and professional sports. No matter their gender or sport, all athletes will receive high-quality training wear as part of Klutch Athletics’ debut line.

“I’m thrilled to create Klutch Athletics to focus on supporting athletes and the communities in which they live and play,” Paul said. “There’s a gap right now that we can fill – creating training product that is functional, but with style. We’ve seen other brands moving away from youth sports and training, so we’re focused on bringing the new look of training for the next generation. And there’s no one better than New Balance to build this with. I have a long history with them, I know we share similar values, and everything they are doing right now from product to athletes to collaborations is leading culture.”

“Together, with Rich Paul and Klutch Athletics, our shared goal is to create a unique product collection and storytelling vision that celebrates the intersection of youth sport and culture,” said New Balance Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Merchandising Chris Davis. “Rich has deep cultural roots in the world of sport and together we will realize a vision that has yet to be seen by the modern-day athlete. We always strive to take a differentiated approach – this partnership truly exemplifies our independent mindset as a brand.”

The first items in the Klutch Athletics clothing collection will meet the demand for fashionable, functional training attire for men, women, and children. The colors will be drawn from the recognizable greys of New Balance, which fade from the deepest to the lightest gray in the palette and create a fascinating visual story. A hint of green will be added to the greys to reflect the spot on the field of play where young athletes first fell in love with the game.

“Connecting community, athletes and culture is at the heart of this partnership,” said New Balance SVP of Global Apparel Julie Pike. “With this in mind, we created intentional pieces that blend performance and style to deliver training apparel for the next generation of athletes. Our hope is these intentional pieces become the most loved items in the athletes’ wardrobe.”

The garment collection was created with Klutch Athletics Chief Design Officer David Creech and the world-class design team at New Balance.

“We designed the line to help athletes perform their best and look good while doing it,” Creech said. “It will deliver products for all athletes, regardless of sport or gender. We understand what athletes want – product that helps them perform while reflecting the love they have for sport and their community. Every design element of Klutch Athletics apparel has a story, from the branding to the color palette to the product details – everything has a purpose.”

Starting on April 27, customers may buy the first clothing collection from Klutch Athletics online and at a few chosen retailers. For t-shirts, suggested retail prices range from $40 to $120.

You can preview the pieces below.

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