Taylor Swift wows her fans with latest tour


Due to the pandemic, this is Swift’s first time touring with songs from her four latest albums. For many fans — thousands of whom began packing downtown Atlanta since Thursday to get a jump on merchandise sales and pre-concert festivities, it was certainly worth the wait.

The seemingly impossible task of touring four vastly different albums, in addition to her two re-recorded albums, is done swiftly as she takes fans on a guided journey of her various eras as an artist.

“I think Taylor transcends all the genres,” Kaylie Savitz, 26, said. “The fan base is really cool because they really go wherever she goes, all her different eras.”

Through her music and lyrics, Swift has given fans permission to be their most creative and unique selves, with many of them coming to the show in bespoke, bejeweled outfits. Fans come decked out in homage to the specific aesthetic of their chosen era, often spending days and weeks crafting the style.

“Tonight was phenomenal, the best time of my life,” said Amanda Owen. “We’ve been preparing for this since we got tickets, making our outfits and bracelets.”

Owen, 29, traveled from Rome, Georgia, to see Friday’s show. She’s been a fan since Swift first appeared on the music scene almost two decades ago.

Snake-embossed tights, glittering dresses, fringe jackets and cowboy boots are all things you can expect to see at the Eras Tour. The concert is almost as much about the experience of the community as it is listening to the live performance. You’ll frequently hear fans complimenting each other on their remarkable creations.

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Paulina Haven, a 26-year-old Savannah resident, hand-sewed her outfit, taking inspiration from one of Swift’s music videos off her “Lover” album. She estimated it took her about 15 hours over multiple weeks.

“The show was so good,” Haven said. “This is my first Taylor Swift concert and my voice is almost gone because I was yelling the whole time. I had the best time ever. I don’t know how any other concert will surpass this.”

The performance was a feat of endurance and showmanship, with Swift and her fans never tiring throughout the lengthy setlist. While most fans know every word to the songs they know she plays, they also incorporate chants that have caught on over the course of her career.

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Swift performs two surprise songs each night, deepening the connection she has with the audience.

Friday’s two surprise songs were “The Other Side of the Door” and “Coney Island,” which fans happily sung along to and would later send SwiftTok into a frenzy speculating what surprise songs she would perform over the next two nights.

During the first surprise song, “The Other Side of the Door,” Swift was delighted fans knew the lyrics to the song originally released 14 years go and then featured in the 2021 re-recorded album, saying, “Oh my God, you know this one!”

All in all, It’s safe to say fans had a marvelous time.

And thousands more “Swifties” can expect the same. Swift has two more sold-out shows at the stadium, Saturday and Sunday nights.


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