Taylor Swift’s Remaining Surprise Songs for Eras Tour: Every Song She Hasn’t Performed Yet

Taylor Swift performs two surprise songs for the acoustic set during every show of her Eras Tour and she has already performed a ton of incredible tracks during the first U.S. leg.

The 33-year-old singer is getting ready to launch the South American leg of the tour and you might be wondering what songs are remaining.

Taylor made a rule that she’s allowed to repeat songs if she messes them up the first time or if they’re from Midnights, her most recent studio album.

It’s unclear if Taylor is going to continue these rules for the remainder of the tour as she’ll likely reach the point where she has no more songs left to perform!

Head inside to see the full list of remaining songs…

Keep scrolling to see the list of remaining songs, broken down by album…

Taylor Swift

“The Outside”

“Stay Beautiful”

“Mary’s Song”

“A Perfectly Good Heart”

Taylor has already performed 10 of 14 songs!

Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

“The Way I Loved You”



“Come in With the Rain”


“We Were Happy”

“That’s When”

“Don’t You”

“Bye Bye Baby”

Taylor has already performed 16 of 25 songs!

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

“Better Than Revenge”



“Electric Touch”

“Foolish One”

“Speak Now” – eligible for a redo

“When Emma Falls in Love” – eligible for a redo

“Foolish One” – eligible for a redo

8 out of the 22 songs are still eligible!

Red (Taylor’s Version)

“Girl at Home”



“Forever Winter”


“The Very First Night”

6 out of 28 songs are still eligible!

1989 (Taylor’s Version)


“Say Don’t Go”

“Now That We Don’t Talk”

“Suburban Legends”

“Is It Over Now?”

“Sweeter Than Fiction”

“Out of the Woods” – eligible for a redo

7 out of 22 songs are still eligible!


“End Game”

“I Did Something Bad”

“So It Goes”

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

“Gorgeous” – eligible for a redo

5 out of 15 songs are still eligible!


“London Boy”

“Soon You’ll Get Better”


“It’s Nice to Have a Friend”

4 out of 18 songs are still eligible!





3 out of 17 songs are still eligible!



“Long Story Short”


“It’s Time to Go”

“Gold Rush” – eligible for a redo

“Right Where You Left Me” – eligible for a redo

6 out of 17 songs are still eligible!

Midnights (3AM Edition)


“Bigger Than the Whole Sky”



“Dear Reader”

“You’re Losing Me”

Taylor still hasn’t performed 6 out of the 22 songs from Midnights, but she’s allowed to perform any track over again, so all are eiligble!


Taylor does have some songs that weren’t part of her albums. Remaining songs that can still be performed as surprise songs include:

Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Ghosts
Both of Us
Eyes Open
Highway Don’t Care
I Heart
Only the Young
Safe & Sound
The Alcott
Two is Better Than One

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