Teen Mom Tyler Baltierra slams trolls for their ‘hatred’ and ‘toxicity’ after his new rap single is bashed… – The US Sun

TYLER Baltierra has hit back at trolls and haters who are picking apart his rap song ahead of its official release.

The Teen Mom star began promoting the track back in August, facing major resistance from listeners.

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra hit back at critics of his new singleCredit: Instagram/tylerbaltierramtv
The MTV star is gearing up for the release of his debut singleCredit: Instagram/tylerbaltierramtv

Tyler, 31, posted a screengrab of his Instagram comments section on his Story.

The post showed a fan praising him for channeling his “pain” into “art,” along with the MTV star’s lengthy response.

He wrote: “I hide my pain very well & this is a major reason why I’m able to do so…because I choose to honor it by making a creative space for it to exist.

“I don’t judge it, criticize it, or minimize it…I accept it, become inspired by it, & then transform it into something that I can love & cherish.”

The father of four went on: “That always turns it around for me & I just end up super grateful to have experienced that pain in the first place! So yes, a lot of my music was created from pain…but I never allow it to just stay that way. I make sure to give that pain a purpose with evolving it into something greater & more meaningful to me than just painful anguish. “

He concluded his post: “That’s what it [SIC] makes it so healing to me!”

Tyler added a GIF over the post of a man giving a thumbs up.

He also wrote: “Gratitude is the attitude for a more joyful mood.”

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In August, Tyler’s wife Catelynn Lowell shared explicit audio teasing her husband’s new song.

The audio clip referenced the MTV dad’s troubled father Butch Baltierra.

Tyler rapped: “F**k my sadistic granddad for beating up my dad so bad, which made him think that love is impossible to last, which made him weak and made him creep into houses, stealing any type of valuable thing, just to pawn it off.

“Just to get some crack right back.”

Catelynn captioned the post: “Keep telling him to share his art with people because it’s impactful, and people could really relate to it!”

In the comments, however, critics complained that their “ears were bleeding” after listening to Tyler’s single.

“This was very hard to listen to. I don’t like it. I especially didn’t like the ‘huuh’ thing he was doing. Very white rapper, but like he’s not executing it well,” one hater wrote.

Another commented: “I got so embarrassed that I had to exit after five seconds.”

Someone else chimed in: “My ears are bleeding.”

A fourth commenter wrote: “I couldn’t listen for more than two seconds. Sorry.”

Another critic commented: “This is awful, but good on Tyler for breaking the cycle of absentee abusive, drug-addicted parents.”


Tyler spoke up for himself in the comments, hitting back at the haters.

He wrote: “I’m not out here trying to be some profound musician.

“I’m just here because of the art that my pain has created.”

The 16 & Pregnant alum went on: “I never planned on sharing this stuff as it’s really just been my own creative therapeutic outlet.

“But it’s time to let it all go.”

Tyler went on sharing in other slides, thanking his wife Catelynn for pushing “me to be my most authentic self.

“I”m forever grateful for her. This is one of the most hardest things I’ve ever had to let go of.”

Tyler began promoting the track in AugustCredit: Instagram/tylerbaltierramtv
His wife Catelynn Lowell released a snippet of the song on her social mediaCredit: Instagram/tylerbaltierramtv
Tyler faced major backlash over the lyricsCredit: Instagram/tylerbaltierramtv

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