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The Tejano Music Awards (TMAs), the longest-running and most popular awards show for Tejano music, is now accepting video submissions for its 43rd edition. The TMAs will recognize the best Tejano music videos of the year during the must-see event in October.

The deadline to submit a video entry is Tuesday, September 12, 2023. You can visit the official website of the TMAs to submit your video online at TejanoMusicAwards.com. Only record labels, management, or band members can submit videos. The TMAs do not submit any artist on their behalf.

For more information, you can email BinoG@TejanoMusicAwards.com. You can also follow the Tejano Music Awards on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and announcements.

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The TMAs is a celebration of Tejano culture and music, which is a fusion of Mexican, European, and American influences. The Tejano Music Awards were founded in 1980 by the Texas Talent Musicians Association (TTMA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving Tejano music.

The 43rd edition of the TMAs will be held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Boeing Center at Tech Port in San Antonio, Texas. The event will feature performances by some of the most popular and talented Tejano artists, as well as special tributes and awards. The TMAs are expected to attract thousands of fans and media from across the country and around the world. Tickets can be purchased online here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity to the Tejano music industry and fans. Submit your video today and be part of the history and legacy of the Tejano Music Awards.

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