The ‘carbon neutral’ Apple Watch is a fresh blast of Apple’s reality distortion field

If you’re planning to pre-order an Apple Watch 9 from the Apple Store today, you’ll see a new green leaves logo (below) next to special ‘carbon neutral’ versions of the smartwatch. But what exactly does it mean? It means that Apple is ramping up its laudable Apple 2030 plan to reduce its environmental impact – but also that the company’s famous ‘reality distortion field’ is alive and well.

Apple introduced the Apple Watch 9 – its first ‘carbon neutral’ product – to Mother Earth (played by Octavia Spencer) at its iPhone 15 event this week. She was right to be skeptical. The idea, while commendable, is also a tad contradictory and unrealistic.

(Image credit: Future)

On one hand, the new badge is a well-earned marker of Apple’s impressive progress towards reducing its smartwatch’s carbon footprint. Apple’s gone well beyond ticking eco boxes – it even forecasts how much electricity your Watch will use over its lifetime and offsets that with renewable energy investments.  

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