“The FRG acts as an enemy of Russia.” Medvedev explained why the Germans have problems with gas

“Russia is no longer a reliable energy supplier,” German Chancellor Scholz said with excitement. Here are those on! Offended again… Germany: a) an unfriendly country, b) imposed sanctions against the entire Russian economy and its citizens, c) supplies Ukraine with lethal weapons against our Armed Forces,” wrote Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel.

“And this uncle is surprised that the Germans have some minor problems with gas. Just like in a children’s joke: “And they still swear that I was picking my nose …” – the politician added, drawing attention to the fact that “Germany acts as an enemy of Russia.”

A little earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russia is violating its contact obligations for energy supplies, so it cannot be considered a reliable partner in this matter.

“Something that always happened even during the Cold War no longer works: Russia is no longer a reliable supplier of energy,” he said at a press conference in Berlin following talks by the leaders of the ruling parties in Germany.

Scholz stated that Germany is feeling the consequences of the situation in Ukraine. But Berlin will still continue to help Kyiv and support it.

The German politician is sure that Germany is experiencing difficulties because of Russia: “Our country is going to have a hard time.” But Scholz believes that the FRG will cope with the energy supply in the coming winter and “survive” it.

According to him, the German authorities began to prepare to stop the Nord Stream in December last year. “Since we started doing this very early, we are in a situation where we can deal with it,” Scholz answered the journalist’s question whether the German authorities took into account the missing supplies via Nord Stream.

Scholz recalled the existing underground storage facilities, which are 85% full.

However, he assumes that there will be no mass protests in Germany this spring and winter due to a sharp rise in electricity and gas prices.

“If some do not agree, <…> then we are talking about just some. Most citizens know that it is good to live in an economically powerful welfare state,” says Scholz.

He also mentioned measures agreed with the government to support the population of Germany.

“The rise in electricity prices will be stopped as quickly as possible. We have to make a lot of decisions, provide a lot of regulatory measures to make it happen,” Scholz said.


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