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The Marvels debuted on Wednesday with sub-par review scores, which made it the third worst-reviewed MCU movie ever, and also the third “rotten” one in series history. Well, at least one of those points has changed now.

At the time of writing yesterday, there were about 60 reviews for The Marvels in, putting the score at a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. But over time, dozens and dozens more reviews came in and now with 145 to count, the movie has ticked up to a 61%, just over the line to be considered “fresh” instead of “rotten” on the site.

However, it does not change the overall order. It’s still the third worst-rated MCU movie unless it can get up a few more percent to pass Thor: Love and Thunder:

  • Thor: The Dark World – 67%
  • Thor Love and Thunder – 63%
  • The Marvels – 61%
  • Eternals – 47%
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – 46%

Still, with a 7% jump as more reviews came in, it’s not impossible. But at this point, it doesn’t really matter if you’re the third or fourth worst Marvel movie. A lower score feeds into the quality narrative surrounding the MCU right now, but rather all eyes on the on the film’s box office, which may be one of the lowest in MCU history, according to most forecasts. Current predictions are a $50-60 million opening weekend in the US, and $140 million globally. At a $200 million budget it may end up being profitable, but there are marketing costs to consider and regardless, it’s not a performance Disney wants to see.

Disney no doubt wants things to turn around with the next MCU movie, which will be Deadpool 3, brought into the fold after the FOX acquisition, and one that co-stars fan favorite Hugh Jackman Wolverine. After that, the next projects are a Chris Evans-less Captain America 4, the Suicide Squad-like Thunderbolts and the heavily troubled Blade production, starting its script over from scratch as it tries not to lose its star, Mahershala Ali. Then, and now we’re talking Phase 6 in mid 2025, it’s Fantastic Four, reportedly already cast, and the two Avengers films, The Kang Dynasty, where its star Jonathan Majors could theoretically be in prison by then, and Secret Wars, which is in constant flux given everything going on.

I am sure that Disney is hoping that The Marvels will be a low point and things turn around from there. They are already changing things over on Disney Plus, creating standalone shows that require less “homework.” They are also leaning into more adult fare. Echo is MA-rated, and the new Daredevil show is likely to be as well. Deadpool 3 and Blade will both be rated R. With The Marvels, at least, this being aimed at a younger crowd does not seem to have paid off, and Marvel may start courting mostly older fans instead, judging by the nature of their upcoming projects.

As the days pass we will get audience reactions and box office numbers for The Marvels. I’ll see it tomorrow and have my own thoughts then.

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