The Music You Heard In Season 2, Episode 1

(SPOILERS for this week’s Bel-Air episode will be found below.)

Bel-Air is back for season two and things aren’t as wholesome as any of the show’s characters would’ve hoped to start. The season one finale was highlighted by Will’s decision to leave the Bel-Air mansion after he learned that Phil, Vivian, and his mom lied about Will’s father. Though it was done out of love and protection, Will felt betrayed by the most important adults in his life. Thankfully though, what started as a family divided to begin episode one of Bel-Air season two, ended as one reunited as Phil put his pride aside to apologize to will and invite him back into the house. Elsewhere, love is in the air for Jazz and Hilary!

The aforementioned events in the first episode of Bel-Air season two, titled “A Fresh Start,” are soundtracked by songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene. You can find a list of them belong as well as details about the scenes that the records soundtracked.

Nipsey Hussle — “Last Time That I Checc’d” Feat. YG

Nipsey Hussle’s “Last Time That I Checc’d” off Victory Lap checks in around the 01:24 mark. A short time later, we see Will who wakes up in a slightly messy room — one that is notably not in Uncle Phil’s massive Bel-Air mansion — to get dressed for the day. He heads out into the city to start his day. We later learn that the room is in Jazz’s house in South Los Angeles.

MIKNNA — “Angel City”

MIKNNA’s record plays faintly in the background around the 3:02 mark as Will orders some breakfast at a local restaurant. A man named JB meets him there and he gives Will some money that was made off some a deal they had. We later find out that JB is helping Will secure basketball matchups for money.

Bryce Green & 81Maantra — “Boom”

We hear Bryce Green & 81Maantra around the 06:18 mark as Will and Carlton are driving to school together. Carlton lets Will know that Phil and Vivian are worried about him, but Will’s rather large stash of cash has Carlton worried about what Will is doing to make money.

Easy McCoy — “Deja Vu”

At around the 07:15 mark, Easy McCoy’s “Deja Vu” briefly plays as the Bel-Air title flashes on the screen. This record is the theme song for Bel-Air.

The Royal Chief — “See Me Now”

The Royal Chief’s “See Me Now” plays around the 10:09 mark while Will and Carlton walk through the halls of their school. Carlton explains what’s changed with his school friends and also throws out the idea of him and Will becoming the school’s latest dynamic duo. Carlton may also have a new crush, a girl named Yazmin, on his hands.

BOSCO — “Easy” Feat. Smiles Davis & Royal Bait

BOSCO’s song can be heard around the 13:25 mark. At this point of the episode, Hilary meets with Ivy as they begin their run as the leaders of the content creator house. It’s also here that Hilary learns about her responsibilities as a manager and the true dynamic of her business relationship with Ivy.

Freddy Bam Bam — “Need You”

Freddy Bam Bam’s “Need You” plays softly in the background around the 15:04 mark when Hilary vents to Jazz about having to fire two men from the influence house. Afterward, they discuss their relationship status and whether or not it’s time to place an official label on it, something Hilary isn’t in a rush to do.

Last Verse — “Semper”

At around the 28:34 mark, Will walks onto an outdoor basketball court in Venice as Last Verse’s “Semper.” It’s there that he hopes to meet a scout named Doc in order to form a relationship and further his basketball career.

Via The Great — “Champion”

Via The Great’s “Champion” plays around the 31:45 mark and it soundtracks Will’s pick-up game against a much bigger guy named Big Dre. Things start off slow for Will, but he eventually picks things up and wins the game.

City Girls — “Good Love” Feat. Usher

The party begins around the 37:14 mark. It’s Ashley’s official 13th birthday party and it gets underway with City Girls’ “Good Love” being the record that everyone dances to. While most of the attendees are dancing together and having a great time, Hilary stands at a distance jealous of Jazz dancing with Ivy.

Manus — “On Top” Feat. Turbo9

Manus’ “On Top” plays around the 38:21 mark as Phil overlooks the water deep in thought. Carlton comes up to him and gently confronts him about running away from the issues and tension between Phil and Will. A short time later, Phil asks Will to speak with him.

Saweetie — “Bo$$ Chick”

To round out the music at the end of this episode, Saweetie’s “Bo$$ Chick” plays around the 42:55 mark. Saweetie herself makes an appearance to sing happy birthday to Ashely and gives her well-wishes on a new year of life. Will makes the tough decision to put things on pause in their relationship.

You can stream this week’s episode of Bel-Air on Peacock here.

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