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Students from The Lawson School of Music are performing “The Sound of Music” at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center next week, and they couldn’t be more excited.

Heather Heim-Lawson, director of the school, is a passionate music and arts steward and educator as well as a professional stage performer.

“I believe anyone who attends ‘The Sound of Music’ will be entertained and have their hearts warmed for reason as well as the hard work and dedication that the students have been putting in,” she said. “In addition to the hard work of our students, our theater community has rallied behind us and helped by letting us rent or borrow costumes. It’s been amazing and incredibly touching, but that’s what theater does, it builds communities that are there for each other.”

Kenniston McGovern has been with the music school for two years and plays the part of Frau Schmidt. She shares Lawson’s view of the theater community.

“We’re like a little family,” McGovern said. “I really like the joy of singing, especially with a group.”

McGovern also said she believes the audience will connect with the message of the musical performance.

“I hope the message of hope and family are presented, especially through the whole Nazi occupation scariness, that love and family prevail,” she said.

Lawson conveyed the same sentiment.

“I believe the content of the musical is incredibly important especially when we live in such a divisive time,” Lawson said. “

‘The Sound of Music’ tells the story of how good can triumph over hatred and ignorance, and I believe we all must do our part to help with that ongoing battle in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes our actions or words do not seem big or significant, but they are.”

Jack McGovern portrays Max, the VonTrapp children’s uncle, and enjoys the way acting stretches his capabilities.

“I like the challenge of learning a part and that a whole new part of me is being revealed on stage,” Jack said.

“I hope the audience takes home bravery, and not just from the show, but as a whole. I was timid to perform at first, and now I love it.”

Tristan Farmer, 17, has been performing since middle school. She also relishes in bringing life to her character as she portrays a German official.

“(When acting) you can go into the character’s mind and create who they are through your body and actions,” Farmer said. “I hope the audience goes home with our love for acting and our passion for it and realizing how passionate we are about it.”

Kristin Rich, a fifth-grader at G.C. Burkhead Elementary School, has been with Lawson for three months and hopes the audience connects with the school’s enthusiasm for the performing arts.

“I hope the audience goes home wanting to act or sing or try new things like I did,” Rich said. “I’ve done plays at school, but I’ve never done anything as special as this.”

Lawson shares Rich’s admiration of “The Sound of Music.”

“It was one of the first musicals I ever saw, the film version with Julie Andrews, and I fell in love with it,” Lawson said. “The music, the story … they all really moved me as a young child.

“I also feel it’s important for my students to learn about the classics of musical theater to understand where musicals started and how they’ve evolved,” Lawson said. “These ‘Golden Age’ musicals help singers and actors set the foundational technique to go on to do a variety of musical styles and genres down the road.”

Lawson began teaching music out of a friend’s home in Bardstown while she finished graduate school. Today, The Lawson School of Music is behind The Dreamery at 114 E. Dixie Ave., Suite 106.

It employs six teachers including a student intern and offers a variety of classes from voice, piano, musical theater, guitar, Kindermusik and songwriting. In addition, they have been able to begin a scholarship program which awards students with free tuition for a year if selected.

The Lawson School of Music presents “The Sound of Music” (Youth Edition) at 6 p.m. May 13 at the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $18.25 for adults and $13 for children 17 and younger.

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