Thursday’s Waiver Priority Order

Tomorrow will be an active day on the transaction front. It’s the last day in which teams can add players from outside the organization and still have them eligible for postseason play. Not coincidentally, non-contending clubs placed a number of impending free agents on waivers yesterday. The two-day waiver window for all those players will be resolved tomorrow at 12:00 pm CDT (though it’s possible the claim results won’t be officially announced until later in the day).

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Before getting to the waiver order, a refresh on the priority rules. Claim priority is the inverse order of win percentage as of Thursday morning. Waivers are not league specific, although teams in the same league as the club that put a player on waivers have priority over a claiming team in the opposite league among clubs with the same win percentage. To break ties between teams with identical records and in the same league, the club with the worse record in previous seasons has priority. (A team moves to the back of the line if they’re attempting to claim a player for the second time in a given season, though that won’t be a factor for any of the players known to be on waivers at the moment.)

Tomorrow’s waiver priority:

  1. Oakland Athletics, .291
  2. Kansas City Royals, .304
  3. Colorado Rockies, .368
  4. Chicago White Sox, .396
  5. St. Louis Cardinals, .433
  6. Detroit Tigers, .444
  7. Pittsburgh Pirates, .455
  8. New York Mets, .455
  9. Washington Nationals, .463
  10. San Diego Padres, .463
  11. Los Angeles Angels, .478
  12. Cleveland Guardians, .478
  13. New York Yankees, .489
  14. Miami Marlins, .496
  15. Cincinnati Reds, .511
  16. Minnesota Twins, .515*
  17. Boston Red Sox, .515
  18. Arizona Diamondbacks, .515
  19. San Francisco Giants, .519
  20. Chicago Cubs, .534
  21. Toronto Blue Jays, .545
  22. Milwaukee Brewers, .556
  23. Philadelphia Phillies, .556
  24. Texas Rangers, .564
  25. Houston Astros, .570
  26. Seattle Mariners, .571
  27. Tampa Bay Rays, .612
  28. Baltimore Orioles, .624
  29. Los Angeles Dodgers, .629
  30. Atlanta Braves, .659

* Note: Minnesota and Boston would have priority over Arizona for players waived by AL teams; Arizona would have priority for players waived by NL teams

  • Pittsburgh has priority over Mets based on 2022 record
  • Washington has priority over San Diego based on 2022 record
  • Angels have priority over Cleveland based on 2022 record
  • Minnesota has priority over Boston based on 2021 record, as teams had identical records in ’22
  • Milwaukee has priority over Philadelphia based on 2022 record

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