TikTok murderer’s account still active

The TikTok account of an influencer jailed for murder was still active on Friday despite its noted role in the killing of two men.

Mahek Bukhari, 23, hatched a plot to silence Saqib Hussain, 21, after he blackmailed her over sex tapes.

She and her mother Ansreen, 45, arranged a meeting in a Tesco car park, and got others to “jump” Hussain, The Sun reports.

His Skoda was chased by two cars containing eight people — including the Bukharis.

He died with friend Hashim Ijazuddin in a fireball after being rammed off a major road near Leicester, in the UK.

Judge Timothy Spencer KC pointed to the negative impact of social media, telling Bukhari, “Your tawdry fame has made you utterly self-obsessed.”

A month after her conviction, her profile is still “live” on TikTok, where she has 134,000 followers.

Anti-violence campaigner Alison Cope, whose 18-year-old son Joshua was stabbed to death in 2013, said, “It’s not acceptable.

“Social media platforms need to take more responsibility.”

On Friday, Mahek Bukhari was jailed at Leicester crown court for at least 31 years.

Her mum got a minimum of 26 years. TikTok declined to comment.

Web of lies

Footage has since been released by UK police showing how Bukhari spun a web of lies to officers after the horror in Leicestershire as the pair were convicted of murder, The Sun reports.

Just four hours after the crash, police had attended the family home in Stoke-On-Trent to arrest the pair.

Bukhari, wearing a pink fluffy hoodie, can be seen perched on the edge of the sofa as she tells officers, “So at first we stayed here then we went straight to Nottingham.”

When asked if they went in her Audi TT, she agreed with police.

But Bukhari and her mum hadn’t been to Nottingham at all but instead joined the other defendants in murdering Saqib and Mohammed.

The killers travelled in two separate cars – Bukhari’s Audi and a blue Seat Leon – to follow then ram the pair in their silver Skoda.

In her police interview, Bukhari’s web of lies continued to grow as she gave a fake version of events.

Claiming to be a “very good driver”, she claimed she was driving with her mum when the Skoda cut in front of her and the Seat.

Bukhari told officers she slowed down after her mum told her, “Keep your distance”.

Smirking, she said, “This car was agitating the blue car. It was just harassing and this silver car was not letting the blue car go.

“I went past and got further away and then the blue car caught up with me. All I heard was a bang when the silver car hit the blue car.

“I said to my mum, ‘What’s going on? Are they drunk? What are they trying to do to this blue car?’”

Bukhari claims there was another bang but she “didn’t see anything” and just looked at her mum “in shock”.

In reality, she and the blue Seat had chased Mohammed and Saqib in their Skoda, not the other way round as Bukhari had suggested.

During the 160km per hour crash, passenger Saqib had called 999 as he pleaded for help.

He said, “I’m being followed by two vehicles and they’re trying to block me in. I can’t get to a police station – I need help right now.

“There’s guys following me. They’ve got balaclavas on.

“They’re trying to ram me off the road. They’re trying to kill me – I’m going to die.”

After giving his name to the operator, Saqib then begs, “They’re hitting into the back of the car very fast.

“Please, I’m begging you, I’m going to die.”

He can then be heard screaming before the clip cuts off.

Moments later, the car the friends were travelling in smashed into a tree on a central reservation and “split in two”.

Jurors were told the horror smash was “no ordinary traffic accident”.

Instead, it was a “story of love, obsession, extortion and, ultimately, cold-blooded murder”.

Saqib had been in a relationship with married Ansreen for about three years and “appeared to be in love” with her.

During the illicit tryst, he splurged £3000 ($5800) on Ansreen, who he called “Anzy”, on date nights.

By January 2022, the mum was trying to end the relationship but “increasingly obsessive” Saqib would not accept it was over.

As a result, he “took to attempting to blackmail Ansreen” by threatening to send their sex tapes to her husband.

On January 4, Mahek Bukhari sent her mum a message which read, “I’ll get him jumped by guys and he won’t know what day it is.”

The TikTok influencer also messaged her mum’s ex-lover, telling him, “I am sorry that this year you’ll be gone, Saqib.”

She and her mum hatched a plot to “silence” Saqib with her mum by luring him in with the offer of getting his £3000 ($5800) back.

On February 10, he was driven by “completely innocent” friend Hashim to collect the cash from Leicester.

Shortly after, the pair were killed in the fireball crash.

Mahek Bukhari and Ansreen Bukhari denied two counts of murder and two alternate counts of manslaughter.

Both have jailed for life with a minimum term of more than 31 years and 26 years respectively

Fellow defendants Rekhan Karwan and Raees Jamal were also found guilty of two counts of murder and jailed for life.

Natasha Akhtar, Ameer Jamal and Sanaf Gulamustafa were all found not guilty of murder, but guilty of two counts of manslaughter.

Mohammed Patel was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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