Tobe Nwigwe Performed ‘Fye Fye’ On ‘Fallon’

Grammy Award-nominated rapper Tobe Nwigwe may be up against some steep competition in the best new artist category at this year’s ceremony. Still, there’s no comparison to his ability to perform live. Instead, the West Houston representor stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to put his talent on full display for the voting commitment who are still unsure about casting their ballad for the first-time nominee.

Dressed in matching mint-colored clothing, seated on stage next to his pregnant wife, Fat, the pair performs “Fye Fye,” a breakout song of their album moMINTS. With each performance, Nwigwe breathes new creative life into a song. Instead of their signature high-energy stage show, the couple opted for a softer, more ethereal approach. As their adorable young daughters freely join in, mouthing the words to the song in the background, the pair exchange energy to heighten the song’s overall message, family despite what social media says.

Tobe praises his wife in the stanza, “I done been blessed with a woman that pray heavy, but turn a freak on the liquor, uh / She keep the devil off me like the Cherubim / She make it clear to h*es that we ain’t sharing him.” Then shares his promise to his young daughters in the line, “I told my baby girl she gon’ have more in her head than just product and bundles.”

He continues speaking on his love for his family in the bars, “If you book me for a show and I can’t bring my wife and my babies, I’m leavin’ / Big daddy energy speakin’.”

While Fat ensures that as his wife, she will never lead Tobe astray, rapping, “And I ain’t Kim (What that mean?), Tobe can’t ever go Kanye.”

Watch the full performance of “Fye Fye” above.

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