Tony Danza is under fire after he told a reporter ‘to come up with better questions’ during a red-carpet interview


Tony Danza on the red carpet for the "New York, New York" opening.

Tony Danza is being criticized for a red-carpet interview.@rye_myers/TikTok

  • Tony Danza is being criticized for an uncomfortable red-carpet interview with reporter Rye Myers.

  • During the exchange, Danza patted Myers on the face and told him “to come up with better questions.”

  • Before Danza, Hugh Grant came under fire for a red-carpet interview at the Oscars last month.

Tony Danza is facing criticism for his behavior during a red-carpet interview after the reporter, Rye Myers, posted a video of the interaction to TikTok.

In the video, taken at the opening night of “New York, New York” on Broadway, Myers asks Danza and Broadway producer Jamie deRoy how they’re doing. While deRoy says she’s “excited,” Danza takes the conversation in a different direction.

“Relax a little,” Danza says to the reporter. “You’re more excited than we are. Take it easy.”


Then, after one more question, the interview abruptly ends after Myers asks Danza and deRoy what their “favorite New York City staple food item” is: hot dogs or pizza.

To that, the “Taxi” star pats Myers on the cheek and says, “You know what you’ve got to do, buddy, you’ve got to come up with better questions.”

In the video, which had more than 115,000 views as of Saturday, Danza appears to usher deRoy away, saying “come on, let’s go. I’ve got to go.”

Tony Danza and Jamie deRoy at the opening of "New York, New York."Tony Danza and Jamie deRoy at the opening of "New York, New York."

Tony Danza and Jamie deRoy at the opening night for “New York, New York.”Variety/Getty Images

In the caption of his TikTok video, Myers expressed his dismay for Danza’s behavior and wrote, in part, “To say I was blown away, shocked, and embarrassed is an understatement…But, my professionalism showed through!”

Myers and representatives for Danza did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Some commenters were quick to admonish the “Who’s the Boss?” star and come to Myers’ defense. Others took particular offense to Danza touching Myer’s face with one saying it would’ve evoked “a fit of rage.”

Singer Michael Bublé even weighed in and wrote: “I think you’re amazing Ry. I’ll have a pizza with ya.”

In defense of his interview questions, Myers clarified in the comment section that given the musical’s theme, “everyone was asking ‘New York City’ themed questions.”

Danza is not the first celebrity to land in hot water after an awkward red-carpet exchange.

In March, Hugh Grant went viral after an awkward interview with model Ashley Graham at the Oscars.

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