Trucco Brings New Energy to the Dancefloor

A club-focused fervor vibrates throughout Trucco’s work. The force of nature of the work makes sense, given his emphasis on healthiness and on showing love for his environment. Wherever he has been, either Santiago, Chile, or his current locale in Los Angeles, California, he’s paid heed to this creed. As a result, much of his output virtually commands the audience to get up on the dancefloor and lose themselves in the music. This sort of
thing is gradually becoming an experience worth talking about, much like DJ Harvey’s LA warehouse marathons.

Presentation matters to someone who started in visual media, both in photoshoots and television, and he brings it. The performances he’s given are highlights, and the things pined over. Honestly, his entire discography has this yearning, fire, and passion that differentiates it from the rest. Vocals on his tracks highlight his baritone, a comforting, soothing, yet still commanding thing. What shows in his production is someone not afraid to
cross-mingle genres, to put that four-to-the-floor ethos within a poppier template. Already he’s had a few parties set up to celebrate everything coming down the pike, and he’s been busy. For 2023 multiple singles are
slated for release, and considering how long he’s been doing this, they will be absolute bangers. Done with verve energy that captures the club’s welcoming presence, Trucco is just getting started.

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