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‘True Things Prevail’: Tucker Carlson Releases First Video Since Fox Firing, and It Goes Viral

Tucker Carlson has emerged with a new video just two days after Fox News fired its most popular personality.

Carlson released the two-minute video on Wednesday evening, delivering one of his iconic broadcast-style monologues that once brought deeper analysis and investigation of stories many mainstream media outlets wouldn’t cover. 

No clear reason for his firing has been given, but some analysts on the right speculate it’s because he pushed the envelope one too many times and upset the corporate leaders of Fox News who have been linked to Republican Party leaders.

A massive 2020 election-related legal settlement between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems might have fueled the company’s decision to oust him. That case exposed private communications that could have influenced the decision too. The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post both reported one redacted message that included a slur against a senior Fox executive. 

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In his new viral video, Carlson didn’t address why Fox News ousted him. He didn’t even mention Fox. Instead, he offered some fresh insights on the world, pointing out the lack of honest political debate in establishment media outlets – a category in which many conservatives now place Fox.

He also blasted “both political parties,” meaning Republicans and Democrats, indicating the two dominant parties are pursuing such similar ends that America has essentially become a “one-party state.” Carlson contends that the powers that be know their days are numbered, so “they have given up persuasion – they’re resorting to force.”

Carlson said one thing he has since noticed, “when you step away from the noise for a few days,” is how nice some people are, and how hilarious some are.

“The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are,” he said. “They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years we won’t even remember we heard them. Trust me, as somebody who participated.”

Carlson also warned, “True things prevail. Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left, but there are some and that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

It’s unclear what his next steps might be, but he’s still extremely popular as more than 17 million viewers had watched the video at the last check. You can see his full video below:


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