Twitter reacts to Wasim Akram’s anger

Waseem Akram looks on with disappointment after Karachi Kings loses the 11th match of the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League on February 22, 2023. — Twitter/@iamAhmadhaseeb  

Following the defeat of Karachi Kings by Multan Sultans during the thrilling 11th match of the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) on Wednesday, Kings’ president Wasim Akram reacted with a show of extreme frustration which netizens picked up on and found deeply amusing.

During the nail-biting match today, Sultans set a mammoth target of 197 runs for the Kings to chase. Despite valiant efforts on the part of the Kings to chase the target, they lost to Sultans by 3 runs.

However, soon after the match ended, a video of Akram slumping into his chair and angrily kicking a chair in front of him went viral.

One user commented: “Wasim Akram’s reaction to Multan’s win and Karachi’s magnificence. […] What a game!”

Another said: “Hardly [do] you see Wasim Akram [so] angry, he kicked off the chairs after Karachi Kings lost a thriller to Multan Sultans.”

Many users, however, found the reaction an opportune moment to churn out memes and jokes.

One user shared a famous meme template of Indian actor Akshay Kumar, writing: “Wasim Akram, after replacing Babar Azam with Match Winners”

Another popular meme template Akram was compared to was that of Sarim Akhtar, a man who became a famous meme known as  “disappointed fan” during Pakistan’s match against Australia in Cricket World Cup 2019.

“Wasim Akram Right now!”

Another user shared a hilarious video with the caption: “Wasim Akram in dressing room.”

One Twitter user posted: “Wasim Akram when KK fans question his approach:”

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