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Victor Wembanyama’s name isn’t just music to Spurs fans’ ears. It’s also the subject of several rap songs and even a couple of quirky folk tunes.

“Go Spurs Go Victor Wembanyama Edition” by San Antonio mariachis Campanas de America was just the tip of the Wemby-themed playlist. The Spurs star also gets some lyrical love from rappers both foreign and domestic. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Dan Bern has created an earworm ode to the Frenchman as well as a song about his run-in with pop star Britney Spears.

“(His) name is so musical, it seemed to want to be in a song!” Bern said via email regarding his songs “Victor Wembanyama” and “Britney and Victor.”

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With 30 albums and EPs to his name, Bern’s credits include the original song “Beautiful Ride” from the 2007 music biopic comedy “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and songs for “The Tony Kornheiser Show,” the solo podcast by the ever-fuming co-host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” 

When it comes to the catchy “Victor Wembanyama,” Bern said “people all over love the song and are quick to pick up on it and sing along.” He added that fans of Kornheiser’s podcast also “seemed to love the song right away.”

You can look and listen for yourself. “Victor Wembanya” starts at the 2:00 mark.

And here’s the audio-only version.

Songs for Mr. Tony (vol. 1) by Dan Bern

As for Bern’s tune about the Spears altercation in Las Vegas, “Britney and Victor” recaps the incident like a campy campfire song by “Weird Al” Yankovic.

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And then there are all those Wembanyama name-drops in the name of hip-hop.

Last year, San Francisco rapper JustPaulNow released the digital album “Rare Coral in a Reef Tank” with the track “Victor Wembanyama.” The laid-back rap flows into a chorus kicked off with the lines, “I’m feeling like Victor Wembanyama / Everybody want me on they team I’m finna be a problem.”

Rare Coral In A Reef Tank by JustPaulNow

On the edgier side, Atlanta rapper ATL Baby G has “Victor Wembanyama,” while rapper The Prairie State Kidd has the tune “Vic Wembanyama.” And straight out of the DMV (as in the Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia area), Jerome “JS aka The Best” Smith wraps his new album “Free Agent” with the short but bombastic track, “Victor Wembanyama.”

FREE AGENT by JS aka The Best

Wembanyama also gets his props in French with “Wembanyama” by French artist Autem and in Spanish with “Wembanyama” by Spaniard artists PNG and Rickpo, a bonus track on their new EP, “xd.” And there’s the slightly French, mostly instrumental “Victor Wembanyama” by DJ Sportz.

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