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3m ago / 9:06 PM EDT

The VMAs has struggled to find its footing in recent years, and it’s becoming very apparent as the night goes on that it is relying very heavily on our collective nostalgia for the show.

However, an over-reliance of nostalgia lends to a dearth in original culture. It’s no wonder the VMAs lacks those iconic cultural moments these days — it is looking to much into the past that it is unable to drive culture into the future!

3m ago / 9:06 PM EDT

We’re pumped about Doja Cat’s new music

If one thing can be taken away from Doja Cat’s music, it’s that the star is unapologetic about doing whatever she wants.

She performed her single “Attention” off her forthcoming album with lyrics alluding to the pressures of being in the public eye (“Look at me/ Look at me / You lookin’?”) Her dancers were covered in red paint, a nod to the title of her album, “Scarlet.”

Plus Ice Spice gave a cute shoutout to Doja Cat before she went on stage, plugging that she will be joining the pop star on her latest tour!

12m ago / 8:57 PM EDT

Nostalgic or cheugy?

The 2000s icons presenting awards is starting to feel a little forced and dare I say — a little cheugy.

(Sorry to Ashanti.)

6m ago / 9:03 PM EDT

SZA wins best R&B

SZA’s “Shirt” snagged the award for best R&B, but the singer wasn’t present to accept the moon statue.

6m ago / 9:03 PM EDT

French Montana announces fund for Morocco

French Montana, a Moroccan American, announced he’ll be creating an emergency fund for victims of the earthquake in Morocco.

“Before we get to the nominees, I want to spread some love and light to Morocco. They’ve been hit with a big earthquake,” he said. “I’m setting up our emergency fund with globalcitizen.org/morocco, and I will be donating myself.”

More than 2,900 people were killed in the earthquake that hit the North African country this weekend.

5m ago / 9:04 PM EDT

Taylor Swift wins song of the year for ‘Anti-Hero’

Taylor Swift wins her second VMA of the night for “Anti-Hero.” For those counting, that’s 2/11.

She gave a shoutout to her producer, Jack Antonoff, and their first collaboration together, “1989,” in her acceptance speech.

“We’ll be making music together until 2089,” she said.

5m ago / 9:04 PM EDT

Slow down, VMAs!

About 45 minutes into the show and most of the NBC team live blogging agrees: How can there be any memorable moments if the show is going so fast?

As Uwa said on Slack, “it seems like its scheduled by the second.” Added Kaetlyn, “This pace is for the TikTok generation.”

25m ago / 8:44 PM EDT

Stray Kids wins best K-Pop award

Stray Kids took home the best K-Pop award for its single “S-Class.”

“We’ve been making music ever since the start of our career, but to receive this award just really means a lot to us,” Bang Chan said.

This is the group’s first-ever VMA win, making it a big moment for members Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N.

“We really want to dedicate that award to the fans, as well,” Bang Chan said on the carpet ahead of the show.

34m ago / 8:35 PM EDT

I love that the VMAs are celebrating so many different genres of music, but these quick transitions are giving me whiplash. We moved on very quickly from Cardi B to Demi … give her some applause!

24m ago / 8:45 PM EDT

Demi Lovato rocks out

Lovato has been returning to her pop-rock roots in recent years, and she performed rock versions of her three biggest hits at the VMAs.

The crowd went wild as she performed “Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Cool for the Summer.” All three songs will be in her coming album “Revamped,” featuring 10 rock versions of her old songs.

We need the rerecording of “La La Land” now. Or another “Camp Rock” film.

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