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The cast of “The Music Man” rehearses a scene from the upcoming production at Warren High School. The school will present “The Music Man” at 7 p.m. May 5 and 6 and 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the auditorium, 130 Warrior Drive, Vincent. Tickets are available in advance at https://whs.warrenlocal.org/ at a cost of $10-$12 and at the door at a cost of $12-$15. (Photo Provided)

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VINCENT — Warren High School will present “The Music Man” in three shows May 5-7.

“The Music Man ” by Meredith Willson is the story of a travelling con man, Harold Hill, who dupes the residents of River City, Iowa, into buying musical instruments on the guise that he’s a band leader, but plans to run away as soon as he gets the money. In the meantime, Hill develops feelings for Librarian Marian Paroo and begins to have misgivings about fleecing the unsuspecting townsfolk.

The directors of the production are excited and appreciative of their participation.

“The best part about putting on this show is working with my colleagues from the band, drama, and English departments as well as students from all these departments,” Director James Sundquist said. “We work together very well to create something better than what one group could have done alone.”

The Barbership Quartet in “The Music Man,” played by, from left, Nick Bland, Joe Harvey, Liam Nuzum and Isaac Martin in the roles of Jacey, Olin, Oliver and Ewart. Students at Warren High School will present “The Music Man” at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Saturday in the auditorium. Tickets are available in advance or at the door. (Photo Provided)

It is satisfying to see how student-centered the production is, Courtney Clark, a director, said.

“The cast, crew and choreographers are all students and most of the orchestra also is students. We’re so pleased to be able to run the production this way.”

Director Angie Erb-Gentile said it was a joy.

“It’s such a joy for me to work on these productions because former students that I worked with are now teachers and colleagues helping direct,” Erb-Gentile said. “We have a wide range of ages from the students through all the directors, and it’s great seeing us all work so well together.”

Also directing is Robby Allen.

“I continue to be so impressed by the level of talent here and of the dedication that these students have put into this show,” Allen said.

Marian Paroo and Harold Hill are the two main characters.

Hill is played by Garrett Biddinger, a senior.

“This has been one of the greatest experiences of my high school career,’ Biddinger said. “It’s been wonderful doing this in our beautiful new auditorium with these great people.”

Playing Paroo is Bennett Borman, also a senior.

“It feels like an extension of the relationships I’ve already built in the music department,” Borman said. “Everyone is so encouraging to each other.”

Becca Ball, a junior, was cast as the fellow con man Marcellus Washburn.

“It’s been a blessing to spend all this time with these wonderful people putting this show together,” she said.

The experience has been fun, said Isaac Martin, a senior, who plays Ewart Dunlop, a member of the school board who owns a general store.

“I’d recommend being a part of a show to anyone,” Martin said. “You never know what you’ll like until you try it.”

Haylee Grimm, junior, plays Eulalie Shinn, the snooty wife of Mayor Shinn.

“It’s really fun to express yourself and be loud,” Grimm said. “I like getting to play someone who is different from me in real life.”

The show will run 7 p.m. May 5 and 6 and 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the auditorium at Warren High School, 130 Warrior Drive, Vincent.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at https://whs.warrenlocal.org/ or at the door. The online cost is $10-$12 and the cost at the door is $12-$15.


Warren High School Cast and Crew of ‘The Music Man’

* Cast: Harold Hill, Garrett Biddinger; Marian Paroo, Bennett Borman; Marcellus Washburn, Becca Ball; Mayor Shinn, Taylor Richards; Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, Haylee Grimm; Mrs. Paroo, Payge Cornell; Winthrop Paroo, Mollie Smith; Zaneeta Shinn, Taylor McConnell; Tommy Djilas, Rhyder Haga. The Quartet: Ewart Dunlop, Isaac Martin; Oliver Hix, Liam Nuzum; Jacey Squires, Nick Bland; Olin Britt, Joe Harvey; Alma Hix, Madelyn Dougherty; Maud Dunlop, Hollyn Reed; Ethel Toffelmier, Les Brooker; Mrs. Squires, Erin Griswold; Gracie Shinn, Alice Randall; Amaryllis, Alice Haynes; Charlie Cowell, Connor Joy; Constable Locke, Ashlyn Hayes; Train Conductor, Hallie Witte; Wells Fargo Wagon Driver, Hallie Witte; Travelling Salesmen, Nick Bland, Joe Harvey, Isaac Martin, Liam Nuzum, Taylor Richards. Newspaper Readers: Hannah Greathouse, Keegann Hendrix, Aubrey McKenzie.

* River City Townspeople and Children: Mekenzie Barry, McKinley Borman, Aubrielle Gallagher, Kali Gilliland, Hannah Greathouse, Ashlyn Hayes, Keegann Hendrix, Abbi Hoyt, Emilee Hoyt, Alex Jack, Connor Joy, Raegan Kegley, Ashlyn McKenzie, Aubrey McKenzie, Jerry Mosier, Lyla Nuzum, Alex Randolph, Andrew Smith, Abby Stutler, Austin VanPelt, Saylah Wagner, Hallie Witte

* Choreography: Becca Ball, Sophie Boothby, Bennett Borman, Payge Cornell.

* Tech Crew: Aden Amrine, Myli Deeds, Brodie DeLancy, Adrianna Howard, Ava Johnson, Hamin Kwon, Elora Mash.

* Orchestra: Abi Blaney, Morgan Bradford Ashley Clark, Courtney Clark, Mike Dotson, Julie Ferrell, Lori Flesher, Cadence Frame, Luke Johnson, Mason O’Donnell, Sophia Stevens, Jimmy Sundquist, Holly Swaney, Libby Swaney, Lane Wasson, Berrett Wilcox, Rocky Wiseman, Sheila Wiseman.

* Directors: Robby Allen, Courtney Clark, Angela Erb-Gentile, Lori Flesher, Jimmy Sundquist.

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