Washington Examiner: Texas Stopped 8,721 Human Smugglers in 2 Years

Texas has been working hard to address one major aspect of the ongoing humanitarian crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border – aiming to halt human smuggling into the Lone Star State.

According to the Washington Examiner, over the past two years Texas Highway Patrol officers put a stop to more than 8,721 human smugglers. The strategy to surge state troopers to the border was launched by Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) at the beginning of 2021.

Videos from the state troopers show tense moments during numerous highway stops. In the instance below, Texas Highway Patrol reports that three adults and two children were safely rescued unharmed after officers arrested a smuggler and scout last month in a human trafficking operation.

WATCH: CBN News interviewed Anna Giaritelli, Homeland Security Correspondent with the Washington Examiner. That interview is posted at the top of this story.

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