Watch a thrilling action scene from the Netflix movie ‘Kill Boksoon’

Netflix has released a thrilling new preview of its upcoming Korean crime action movie, Kill Boksoon.

Kill Boksoon stars Cannes-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon stars as professional contract killer Gil Boksoon. Despite being great at her job, Gil contemplates giving it up for the sake of her teenage daughter. However, her life soon gets even more complicated when she becomes the target of the entire hitman industry.

In the newly released clip, Gil is negotiating her contract with her boss Cha Min-kyu (played by Sul Kyung-gu), who’s seemingly just having a drink at a bar. But as it turns out, he’s on a mission and his target has just walked in.

“He should’ve turned his phone off at work,” Gil says offhandedly, as Cha fends off dozens of bodyguards. “Just listen to me while you’re working,” she continues. “Whether you believe me is up to you. But you’ll have to believe me if you need my signature on that contract.”

“Those are my conditions for renewing my contract,” Gill states while Cha is hiding behind half-wall, with assailants fast approaching. Watch the full preview of Kill Boksoon below.

Earlier this wee during a press conference for the film, Jeon revealed she signed on for the role even before the script had been completed. The actress then admitted that she “got scared” after reading the completed screenplay “because the action and fight scenes were more intense than I expected”.

Kill Boksoon is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on March 31. Watch the latest trailer here.

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