‘We don’t want to deal with a Black-owned company’: Suge Knight claims Deion Sanders never repaid USD 500,000 he invested in his rap career – PINKVILLA

Even though Suge Knight is behind bars, he is constantly making interesting reveals about various famous personalities, Deion Sanders, for example. The rap veteran recently revealed how he invested a chunk load of money in Deion Sanders’ rap career; however, he got nothing in return. 

Suge Knight on how he didn’t get anything in return for his investment in Deion Sanders’ rap career

Suge Knight recently launched his podcast show called Collect Call with a mission to address the issues he faced working with celebrities such as Dr. Dre, Warren G, Master P, and others. In the recent podcast episode, Suge was accompanied by Nick Cannon on a phone call. 

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Talking to Nick, Suge went back into his memory lane and talked about how much he invested in Deion Sanders’s rap career. “When Prime wanted to be a rapper … I spent over half a million dollars of my own money,” revealed Suge Knight.

Suge invested in a studio, paid Dallas Austin, and almost did everything to help Deion kickstart his rap career. But things went wrong from the day Deion Sanders came to Suge and told him he didn’t want to work with a black-owned company. 

“We don’t really want to deal with a Black-owned company,” Suge explained what Deion had said to him. The Hall of Famer further asked Suge to out him with Interscope records. 

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The rap veteran did what Deion asked him and requested Jimmy Iovine to put Deion Sanders with Interscope. Not only that but whenever Deion Sanders is making a performance somewhere, according to Suge, he would take private plane trips to ensure everything’s going well. 

Even after doing so much for Deion Sanders, Suge Knight revealed that he didn’t get a single dollar back. “And so if Prime performs somewhere, I’m taking a private plane to make sure everything’s good. But not one day did anybody give me a dollar back,” said Suge, disappointed in Deion. 

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According to Suge Knight, Deion Sanders was only signed with Death Row Records; however, he started working with Interscope Records just to sidestep the issues going on between Nike and Death Row. Nike signed Deion in 1992 before things went off-track with Death Row. 

Deion Sanders’ rap career wasn’t much of a success; however, he did make himself a great name in the NFL. The current Colorado Buffaloes coach played in the NFL from 1985 to 2005 before making his retirement from the Baltimore Ravens. 6 years later, he was given Hall of Fame for his outstanding NFL career. 

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