WF gets a bad rap on unfriendly attitude toward business

The perception that Wichita Falls is unfriendly toward business and development is undeserved, according to Assistant City Manager Paul Menzies.

“It’s a completely false perception,” Menzies said.

Menzies briefed City Council members Tuesday during a regular city council meeting about the city’s reputation.

“This is the worst city to build and develop and it always has been. People have told me it’s been this way for 40 years,” Menzies said, concerning assumptions about the city. “Everybody in this room has heard this. Wichita Falls isn’t business friendly.”

Wichita Falls is responsive to new development

He said Wichita Falls actually does better than most cities when it comes to working with businesses and developers. Other cities Menzies surveyed took an average of three weeks to respond to new commercial building plans while Wichita Falls takes an average of four business days. For residential projects it’s just one to two business days. Inspections are quicker.

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