QUÉBEC, Nov. 9, 2023 /CNW/ – From November 10, 2023, to September 2, 2024, the Musée de la civilisation invites the public to enter a new era of sound with Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb. This exhibition, developed in collaboration with the hip-hop artist and speaker Webster and many hip-hop scene community actors from today and yesterday, retraces the history of this major cultural movement, highlighting its artisans and showing how the battles they fought and their message have influenced our society through time.

Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb (CNW Group/Musée de la civilisation)

Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb (CNW Group/Musée de la civilisation)

Considered as a marginal culture for a long time, hip-hop is a complex universe, born from an undeniable cultural diversity that makes important social concerns echo. It’s emergence in Québec’s society is a testimony of the work accomplished and of what still needs to be done in order for all the voices to be heard, known and recognized in their rich plurality.

If it is possible today to say that hip-hop shapes cultural changes, it’s because hip-hop is truly a part of our societies, appearing around 1980 in Québec. To celebrate 40 years of hip-hop, look back on not only its history, but also the artists’ history that has brought the culture and claims to life, Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb shows the different aspects of hip-hop and allows us to understand the true impact of this movement in Québec’s culture.

Immersed in an audio augmented reality with a spatialized auditory tour supported by an innovative state-of-the-art technology developed by the Musée, the public will find an eclectic collection made of almost 200 objects from 60 lenders, lively testimonies, rich and profound texts and all the poetry, the commitment and the relevance of these multi-talented artists. From its origins in the Bronx, New York to its emergence in Québec, Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb not only characterizes the foundations of Québécois hip-hop, but also the importance of Afro-descendant communities and their influence on the movement, the beginning of the hip-hop scene and its diffusion, the codes and the basis of this culture and its multiple expressions.

The Musée de la civilisation will celebrate, on November 24, the opening of this exhibition with numerous artists, actors of the community and creative partners for a festive evening of music with DJ Nerve, DJ Sin Less, Érika Zarya, Manu Militari, Raccoon, Sans Pression and Taktika, an event to which the general public has been invited for free and is already sold out!


“There is, in hip-hop, a social dimension as well as a unique poetry that moves us. We wanted to explore this universe and better understand its origins, to showcase the artists that are a part of it and their message. The Musée celebrates its 35 years and is more relevant, committed, inclusive, innovative and daring than ever. Our current programming is a testimony of this and we intend to continue on this path. Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb is an invitation to go beyond perceptions and get carried away in a unique and vibrant culture so that in the end, we are open to Others.” Stéphan La Roche, Chief Executive Officer, Musée de la civilisation

“I am honoured and proud to collaborate with the Musée de la civilisation. From the start, I wanted this exhibition to be an educational tool so that the general public can better understand this culture that has brought us so much and, at the same time, see how racialized voices were amplified in Québec by hip-hop. I also hope that the die-hard fans, the real hip-hop heads, can see themselves in this project and say, ‘Yes, here we are.’” Webster


  • Aly Ndiaye, alias Webster, was born and raised in Limoilou, Québec. As one of the founders of the Limoilou Starz collective, he is a veteran and a pioneer of the Québécois hip-hop movement and is known for the quality of his texts and the wisdom of his words. As an activist, he is very socially involved and often gives conferences on many subjects, such as the history of the Afro-descendant presence and slavery in Québec and in Canada since New France.

  • The making of this exhibition is part of a collaborative project imagined by Webster to celebrate hip-hop’s 40th anniversary in Québec and to share the movement through the Québécois’ lens with a diptych that includes the Orchestre symphonique de Québec whose shows were presented on October 6 and 7.

  • The Musée and three Québec businesses – ART&D, Polaki interactif and Cocktails Solutions – have developed an exclusive experience with augmented audio headphones that will be given to each visitor at the start of the tour.

  • SAGA Stratégie Sonore, in collaboration with the Musée de la civilisation, has created this new and innovative auditory environment that allows visitors to adjust to their surroundings while they discover different sound artifacts (archives, testimonials, etc.), hip-hop artists’ musical pieces, an original soundtrack and soundscapes, which distinguishes itself from the traditional audioguide experience. SAGA has also called upon many artists to create its original music, such as DJ Nerve, DJ Horg, Kenzhelo, Nazbrok, Shash’u and Soraï. Webster and Jenny Salgado (J-Kyll) from the group Muzion can also be heard narrating key segments.

  • ·The exhibition Word is Bond. The Sound of Rap Queb is supported by the Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale thanks to its support to the Incubateur d’innovations muséales, mainly with the development of the sound devices.

  • Many collaborators from the industry and the hip-hop scene have participated in the content development, including an advisory committee made of Vladimir Delva (Kapois Lamort), Aly Ndiaye (Webster), Philippe Néméh-Nombré and Jenny Salgado (J-Kyll).

  • The Musée called upon Vincent Tourigny, a former graffiti writer from the Montréal scene, to collaborate on the exhibition’s graphic design.

  • With the immersive mode, the visitors will be able to experience a block party with DJ Nerve deejaying, and ParkaOne and Spectrax animating, or attend a true beat-box battle with Spectrax and Andre Gibson.

  • The exhibition will showcase stage outfits and accessories, recording equipment, photographic archives, manuscripts, videos and visual arts on top of the sound tour. Here are some examples:

    • Handheld microphone of Anodajay, founder of Disques 7e Ciel, one of the rappers who pioneered the movement

    • Test pressing of the album The Dark Side of the Groove by Zero Tolerance, one of the first productions associated with hip-hop in Montréal

    • A Félix trophy given to Sans Pression by Loco Locass, an important moment in Québec’s hip-hop scene

    • Œuvre S.O.A. Rusted Steel from the graffiti writer Stare, one of the pioneers from the Montreal graffiti writer movement in the early 2000s

    • Fleur-de-lis hat, a Hans Moreau creation popularized by Loco Locass

    • Samian’s teiwekan (hand drum), used at the beginning of his career that proudly displayed his First Nation heritage

    • Média de l’année Award from the Unistar Gala, won by Les ArShitechs du Son, a Québec radio show that pioneered the movement

    • DJ installation by DJ Horg (turntables, mixer and Ensoniq keyboard), one of the movement’s founding artists

Musée de la civilisation Logo (CNW Group/Musée de la civilisation)Musée de la civilisation Logo (CNW Group/Musée de la civilisation)

Musée de la civilisation Logo (CNW Group/Musée de la civilisation)

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