XXXTentacion Fan Testifies Why He Took Photo of Rapper – Watch

On day six of XXXTentacion’s murder trial, a fan explained why he took the final photo of the late rapper after he was shot and put it on Snapchat.

Last Tuesday (Feb. 14), a fan named Scott Barbieux testified at XXXTentacion’s murder trial and explained why he snapped the final photo of the late rapper after he was shot. Mr. Barbieux told the jury that he, along with his ex-girlfriend, was at RIVA Motorsports checking out bikes when he witnessed XXX getting robbed and fatally shot on June 18, 2018. After the incident, Barbieux testified that he checked on the lifeless body of X before snapping a photo and then uploading it to Snapchat.

During his testimony, which you can watch the video below, Barbieux realized without a doubt that X was dead after he approached his vehicle and seeing his bullet wounds. He told prosecutors that he snapped the photo because XXXTentacion was “his favorite musician.” When prosecutors asked him how long he had the photo in his possession, Barbieux said investigators took his phone immediately at the scene.

Prior to the shooting incident, Barbieux testified that he bumped into the “Revenge” rapper at the South Florida motorcycle shop and tried to get a photograph with him but was denied.

Later, during the defense’s cross-examination, Barbieux testified that he actually touched the body before snapping the photo. He testified that he shook the body and realized the rapper had passed away. Defense attorney Mauricio Padilla asked Barbieux if he was compensated for posting the image on social media, to which he replied, “No.” Barbieux also stated that his photo didn’t go viral because it was taken down immediately.

Watch Fan Testify in the XXXTentacion Murder Trial at the 4:48-Mark Below

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