Young Thug’s Sister Claims Rapper Says He’ll “Be Home In A Min”

Although fans want the YSL RICO case to end, Young Thug is still waiting for it to begin officially. The rapper was arrested in May 2022, along with over two dozen others. Prosecutors suggested Thugger was the ring leader of a YSL gang, but his defense claims the collective is only a record label. At the moment, the jury selection portion of the trial is taking longer than expected. For months, potential jurors have been added and subtracted. It was recently announced it could take several more months before a final jury is decided upon.

Meanwhile, Thugger’s loved ones and fans continue to take to social media to share their support. The rapper’s sister, Dolly White, has also been vocal about Thug’s circumstance, and she offered an update after conversing with him. “I talked to My Twin Jeff,” White wrote on Instagram. “I told him I’m lonely out here without him. He said you supposed to be. I’ll be home in a min. I miss tf out of him. Cause Dez B*tches & N*ggaz gone come & gone go so WE KNO HOW TO DEAL WIT YALL!!!!

Controversy Surrounding Gunna

Gunna’s release from jail is a hot topic in the YSL RICO case. The rapper copped to an Alford plea, making him the first defendant to be discharged. Several others have followed, but Gunna has faced allegations of cooperating with the authorities. He has remained relatively quiet as his peers use social media to praise or criticize him. As the debates dragged on, Gunna’s attorney returned with another denial of partnering with law enforcement.

“After reading [Jewel Wicker’s] outstanding, insightful article, I am obliged to say for the record one more time: Gunna has never been interviewed by or cooperated with law enforcement or prosecutors in the RICO case,” said Steve Sadow. “Nor have his attorneys proffered information on his behalf. What was said at his Alford plea hearing was solely to resolve his own case. It cannot be used by the prosecution against Young Thug or any defendant.”

Dolly White Once Called For The Public To Stop Talking About Snitching

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In December 2022, Dolly White further suggested she was tired of seeing the “rat” and “snitch” talks. “Can y’all please stop saying that people ratted and people this-and-that?” White said. “It’s not making anybody better, it’s not making nothing good, bro. Nothing that’s going on is[…]helping my brother. So, can y’all please stop that? If y’all love Gunna, then y’all give him support. Like, what the f*ck y’all over there doing? Y’all tripping.”


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