YouTube Music is finally getting one of Spotify’s best features but with one catch

On the heels of the reveal of a different YouTube Music project, Google has announced that it’s finally bringing live lyrics to the service.

Live lyrics is a feature that Spotify has offered for years, which automatically scrolls lyrics for you as a song progresses to make it easier to understand, as well as to sing along. According to Android Police, Google has been working on this feature for its own competing service and is finally making it available after months of testing.

In order to access live lyrics, first navigate to a song with lyrics attached to it. Then go to the Lyrics tab in the Now Playing screen and you’ll see the feature play out. The text is much larger in the updated version (on the left of the image below) versus the old lyrics screen (on the right of the image below), and the line of lyrics currently being sung is highlighted in a brighter white while the screen scrolls down as the song plays.

(Image credit: 9to5google)

Live lyrics for YouTube Music was added starting with version 6.15 on Android and 6.16 on iOS. However, unlike Spotify’s service that’s available for all users, this tool is still being rolled out to users on a wider basis. 

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