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  • YouTube Music has freshly added five new mood filters, including Cry, Romance, Party, Feel Good, and Sleep.
  • Similar filters are also available on the main YouTube app, providing instant access to content based on users’ preferences.
  • While these newly added mood filters are handy, the limited screen space on the mobile app can make scrolling through them somewhat cumbersome. However, the desktop version effectively utilizes the screen space to display these filters.

In a crowded field of music streaming services dominated by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, YouTube Music has managed to stay relevant thanks to the inclusion of numerous user-friendly features that provide quick access to your favorite music. First introduced back in 2020, mood filters enable customers to start listening to music based on their state of mind, with the current options including Workout, Focus, Relax, Commute, Energize, and Podcasts. The YouTube Music team is now adding five new mood filters to the app, including one simply known as Cry with its own Sad Songs Supermix.

Also included are Romance, Party, Feel Good, and Sleep, pulling up playlists under Mixed for you, followed by From your library, and the usual list of carousels like Listen again, Similar to, etc. These new mood filters were discovered by a couple of Reddit users, with one detailing the new filters on the web interface, while another reveals (via 9to5Google) the presence of the Cry mood filter on the mobile app.

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This appears to be a server-side rollout, as I can already see four of the five new mood filters on the YouTube Music app for Android. The only filter I can’t find is Sleep, though it shouldn’t take long to start appearing across the web and mobile apps. While some of these suggestions are usually hit or miss, the inclusion of these new mood filters is certainly welcome as it allows listeners to quickly set the mood at a social gathering, though we don’t see Cry being a popular filter at such events.

These filters effectively utilize the screen space on the desktop version but can be somewhat cumbersome on the mobile app. This is because of the limited display real estate, which means listeners have to keep scrolling vertically to discover all these filters. With five new additions to the existing set of mood filters, you will now have to scroll for slightly longer. These filters are also available on the main YouTube app but they let you access specific topics based on your viewing preferences.

YouTube Music has picked up some exciting features in the recent past, such as the ability to discover new content with Samples. Furthermore, Google’s music streaming service has plans to allow podcasters to upload their content on YouTube Music through an RSS feed, significantly simplifying the process of adding episodes to the platform. However, this feature is expected to be widely available only by the end of the year.

Perhaps our favorite YTM feature in the recent past has been the addition of live lyrics, a feature that has been in the works for quite a while. This feature isn’t exactly new to the music streaming business though, as apps like Spotify have long supported live lyrics.

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