Zamna Reinforced the Festival as Tulum’s Premier Dance Music Experience In 2023 –

Rivaling the likes of Ibiza and Mykonos, Tulum has cemented itself as one of the most coveted destinations for dance music hedonism. And Zamna Festival has played a pivotal role.

Landing in the jungles of Tulum on December 31st for a memorable NYE party and taking over the Mexican coastal town until January 14th, Zamna managed to enchant attendees nonstop with a slew of events and prestigious brand takeovers.

Since 207, the festival has been a staple in Tulum with its yearly takeover, attracting attendees from over 110 countries. This year was no different, with tens of thousands of fans flocking to the paradisal Quintana Roo jungle to take in performances and DJ sets from a number of the scene’s most celebrated acts.

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