The expert gave advice on choosing a push-button phone

When choosing a push-button telephone, its purpose should be taken into account. On October 2, the head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo Sergey Bodrov told about this.
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“For example, if a person needs a phone purely for calls, then you should pay attention to the number of SIM cards, and the quality of the photo on the camera can be ignored. Although, in general, the photos on such phones are of medium or low quality, and the display diagonal is very small in any case, ”the Prime agency quotes him as saying.

You should also study such a characteristic of the phone as battery capacity. The device with the greatest autonomy will keep charging for a long time with active use, the expert added.

He stressed that a push-button phone is significantly inferior to a smartphone because it has a small screen. In addition, it takes a long time to type messages on such phones.

At the same time, Bodrov also noted the presence of pluses of push-button phones, including a removable battery, low cost of the device and durability.

On September 23, Associate Professor of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems of the RTU MIREA Evgeny Kashkin told under what conditions it is necessary to disconnect a smartphone from the network. One of the reasons for the immediate shutdown of the Internet on gadgets is the high consumption of traffic, which may indicate the activity of malicious programs.

Earlier, on September 21, Artem Kulakov, a senior specialist in the Positive Technologies mobile application security research group, told Izvestia that smartphones can listen. At the same time, according to him, listening can be one of the functions of malicious software, in order to protect yourself, you should be critical of the permissions that applications request.


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