The Pentagon is thinking about how to keep the functioning of the Starlink communication system in Ukraine

The Pentagon said it was looking for opportunities to have the Starlink communications system launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX operate in Ukraine.

Source: Pentagon website, which quotes departmental deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh

Direct speech: “We are certainly aware of the benefits of any satellite communication opportunity that Ukrainians can use not only on the battlefield, but also within the country itself.

We understand the fragility of these communications, and it is important that not only command and control remain intact on the battlefield, but communications throughout the country.

We evaluate our capabilities and try to do everything possible to help keep this satellite connection for the Ukrainian forces.”

“I’m not going to reveal right now what it is or who we’re talking to. But we know there are other companies, not just SpaceX, that we can certainly work with when it comes to giving Ukraine what it needs. necessary on the battlefield.”


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