The Russian ambassador complained about the Nazi symbol at the Soviet monument in Vienna

The Russian Embassy sent an appeal to the Austrian Foreign Ministry due to the appearance of a neo-Nazi symbol at a Soviet monument in Vienna. This was announced on May 27 by Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky.

“The Russian Embassy sent an appeal to the Austrian Foreign Ministry in connection with another trick of Ukrainian radicals on the Schwarzenbergplatz square in the center of Vienna on May 25,” Lyubinsky said in a statement.

As the diplomat added, the Russian diplomatic mission will “closely monitor the reaction of the authorities to this neo-Nazi “creativity”, which is offensive to the culture of historical memory in Austria itself.

According to him, previously unknown people painted on the wall near the monument to Soviet soldiers in Vienna the symbols of the Azov group, against whose members criminal cases were initiated in the Russian Federation.

Not long before that, the wall behind the memorial was painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Earlier, on May 17, the Investigative Committee of Russia (IC) of the Russian Federation opened criminal cases on the facts of damage to monuments to Soviet soldiers in Slovakia and Lithuania.

According to the investigation, on May 13, in the Slovak city of Piešťany, unidentified people put the symbol of the Ukrainian nationalist group Azov on a monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Slovakia from Nazi invaders.

On May 15, in the Lithuanian village of Bubiai, unidentified people painted a Nazi swastika on a monument at a military cemetery at the burial place of more than 700 soldiers and officers of the Red Army. Among them are five Heroes of the Soviet Union who fell in 1944 during the liberation of Lithuania from fascism.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the actions of the Lithuanian authorities, including in relation to monuments, defy reasonable explanation.

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