Laminate flooring: What makes it an ideal choice for the home?

Are you thinking of having a hardwood floor in your home but it is hampered by the high cost? Or are you not sure if you will be able to maintain the hardwood floor? Laminate wood flooring is the perfect alternative to hardwood floors. In recent times, laminate flooring has become extremely popular because of its affordability, easy maintenance and durability. Modern methods can create detailed lamination that is similar to hardwood floors. Laminate floors are also good for the environment, as they reuse discarded wood chips in their materials. Flattened floors are a good fit for people who are on a budget but still want the stylish impression of hardwood in their home. In this article, we will explore how laminate flooring is made, what are its advantages and disadvantages and how to install and clean laminate flooring.

Layered floor level

Wood layered floors are hybrid and multi-layered. The layers are joined by extreme heat and pressure and each layer serves a specific purpose.

style = “font-weight: 400;”> The bottom layer provides foundation and support and stability. Laminate floors are water-resistant and protect the subfloor against moisture.
The base layer is a fiberboard that is very durable and provides extra protection to the bottom layer.
The pattern / design layer is the look of the floor. Laminate floors can be made to look like hardwood floors. The texture and finish of the pattern layer also reinforces its appearance and makes the floor feel like solid wood.
The top layer of wood laminate is the wear layer and it is made from aluminum oxide. This layer protects the floor from scratches, stains, discoloration, etc. The durability and quality of laminate wood flooring depends on the thickness of this layer.

Wood laminate floor: advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using laminate flooring are:

Efficacy: Laminate flooring is easy to walk and stand for a long time. For homes with pets, children and adults, they are a perfect choice.
Cost: The cost of laminate flooring is very cheap and the installation can be done easily by yourself. Compared to hardwood floors, they are 50% cheaper.
Maintenance: Laminate flooring can be moisture resistant and does not stain easily.
Durability: Wood laminate flooring is very durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. They are also easy to clean.

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Disadvantages of using laminate flooring are:

Appearance: Laminate flooring can never replace the original feel of hardwood floors. On closer inspection, you can see the laminated artificial wood.
Resale price: Laminate flooring does not add to the resale price compared to the floor of the house which is made of real hard wood or stone like marble or granite. Laminate flooring, like hardwood floors, does not make much of an impression on home buyers.
Repairs: Laminate floors can be difficult to repair as they come in individual pieces and are laid together. If there is any damage, they may need to be replaced completely.

Laminated wood floor installation

Laminate flooring: What makes it an ideal choice for the home?

Laminate flooring can be easily installed. Laminated wood floors are not attached to the subfloor and can be held in place by snapping the layers together. It does not require any glue, grout, mortar or nails. It takes a maximum of one day to lay this floor. The first step in installation is that the base should be flat and smooth. Laminate flooring can be easily installed on existing floors if it is even and rigid. If the bottom layer is uneven, it may be necessary to remove it and use thin plywood. The sheet is spread before a foam laminate flooring so that it is better for walking. After cleaning the bottom layer and applying a layer of foam, the laminate planks can be locked piece by piece to create the floor.
How to clean laminate floor
Laminate flooring: What makes it an ideal choice for the home?

Flooring: Wood laminate floors require a variety of options to choose from the right cleaning to make them look their best. Dust should be removed to prevent scratches and the floor should be cleaned immediately to avoid water damage. Wiping down with a daily one should be enough to dry the mop to avoid surface damage. It is best practice to wash the entire floor using a damp cloth. Cleaning products available in the market that are designed for wood laminate floors. To avoid water damage, always wipe with a clean, dry cloth afterwards. Read more about the cost per square foot of wood floor Avoid using steam cleaners, wet mops, wood cleaners, harsh scrubs, waxes and bristle brooms, as these can all damage the laminate wood floor surface. Vinegar and baking soda are also no-no for this type of floor.

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