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Troy Taylor: “Skooly Has a Very Distinct Sound and He’s Never Sounded Like anyone. I always felt like Young Thug took his style. Like what Young Thug ended up doing, he took from Skooly.”

Signed to 2 Chainz’ label The Real University (T.R.U.), rapper/singer/songwriter and young Atlanta Trap Rap legend SKOOLY and legendary 3X Grammy winning and multi-platinum producer TROY TAYLOR have teamed up to release the EP “SLEEPING GIANTS – PART 2.” It’s the side-two follow-up to Skooly’s June 2023 side-one offering “Sleeping Giant – Part 1” which featured Key Glock, 2 Chainz and more with production by platinum-selling Hip Hop producer Buddah Bless.

While on Sleeping Giant part 1, Skooly delivers his undeniable pen wrapped in the hard-laden beats of Buddah Bless, on Sleeping Giants Part 2, Skooly displays why the 28-year old is celebrated for his multifaceted gifts as a skilled rapper and melodious singer by brilliantly blending his two abilities over Troy Taylor’s legendary R&B influenced production which has made hits for some of the biggest voices in music including Whitney Houston, Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin, Babyface, Boyz II Men and more. Skooly’s vibey lead single and music video “Magical” from the EP is proof positive.

“I first met Skooly in the studio when he was 16. When they played his music for me, I noticed one thing about him…his sound: He had a very distinct sound. He’s never sounded like anyone. I always felt like Young Thug took his style. Like what Young Thug ended up doing, he took from Skooly. Skooly is an innovator. He has sound that is undeniable, and I’ve always felt that he’s ahead of his time. Skooly raps but he also really sings. I knew if I could get him to trust me, I could get him to open up a little more which is what ended up happening. To hear him sing on these songs that I ended up doing with him today proves my point that Skooly is that dude. Like for real. This project right here, I’m super excited about. This is a great time for Skooly to really come out and show people that he’s always been part of the sound of Atlanta.”

Sleeping Giants 2 tracklist:

1. Magical

2. Green Light

3. Swish Swish

4. Please Me

5. New Things

Stream Sleeping Giants – Part 2:  https://onerpm.link/sleepinggiants2

Stream Sleeping Giant – Part 1 (Produced by Buddah Bless): https://lnk.to/SleepingGiant





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