50 Cent Says Future Is Way Bigger Than Jay-Z in the Streets,

In a recent interview, 50 Cent said that Future is way better than Jay-Z in the streets. The hip-hop mogul’s comments have ignited a debate among fans on social media.

On Thursday (Feb. 16), political analyst and devoted rap fan Ari Melber posted his video interview with 50 Cent on MSNBC’s YouTube Channel. During the interview, which was conducted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fif’s classic 2003 debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Melber brought up Billboard‘s debatable 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list with Jay-Z being at No. 1. When Melber asked 50 if their list was correct, he said, “No.”

Melber then asked 50 who should be No. 1 instead of Hov, and he couldn’t give an answer. Melber, who loves to quote rappers, recited Future’s tweet back in December of 2021 where he suggested that he was bigger than Jay-Z in the streets.

50 Cent agreed with HNDRXX’s statement.

“Yeah. He is. Way bigger,” he stated at the 27:53-mark in the video below. “Like, there is consistent music from him that didn’t chart are huge records [in the streets] that people love and appreciate that.”

While 50 Cent may have a point, his comments stirred up a debate on social media among rap fans. Some people agreed with Fif’s assessment while others feel there are nuances to the former G-Unit leader’s remarks.

“Future better than Drake and Jay-Z,” tweeted one fan.

“Future imo is a better rapper currently than Lil Wayne or Jay-Z but their greatness clears Future and it’s not even close,” opined another person.

“I think it’s actually hilarious that these youngbucks really think Future is better than Jay-Z. Recency bias is starting to become a drug for most!” wrote a third fan.

Another user tweeted: “I think it’s pretty straight forward, Jay-Z is the best rapper. Future is more artistic, and relevant, popular whatever you wanna call it but he is definitely getting more plays in the streets.”

Elsewhere in the interview, 50 Cent talked about his good friend Eminem and explained his new television deal with Fox.

Watch 50 Cent’s Full Interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber Below. Fast-Forward to the 27:53-mark to Listen to 50’s Comments

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