600 Breezy Went On A “Drug Binge” To Cope With GF’s Suicide

Rappers often speak about their addictions, and 600 Breezy knows all too well what it’s like being dependent on a drug. Like many of his Rap peers, he struggled with addiction, telling VladTV that at 6’5″, he got down to 170 pounds. Breezy is in a much healthier place these days, but he’s revisiting times in his life when he was close to allowing his addictions to overwhelm him. “I was a skeleton,” he recalled. It occurred after his girlfriend took her own life.

“I just went on a three, four-month, just drug binge,” the rapper admitted. “Literally, at my mom house, laying on the floor, balled up in a corner with my grandad’s ashes or my cousins. Just trying to feel their energy. I just wanted to understand life more, because it was just like, ‘Aight, my girl not here, I don’t want to be here no more.’” However, there were people in his life who stepped in to remind him of all he had to live for.

600 Breezy Decides To Push Through The Pain

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“She was a great part of my life. She taught me a lot. I got a lot from her. As like, she was only in my life for two years so why end my life for—you know what I’m saying?” he said of deciding against suicide, himself. “Do something stupid when I got kids that I gotta raise forever. Even when they’re 30, I’m still gonna have to be in they life. I still got my mom, I do something to myself…my mom. You know, I had to really sit back and think. I just used the drugs to cope, just to be in a numbness. Then I have to snap out of it.”

In September 2022, it was revealed that Raven Jackson, 600 Breezy’s girlfriend of two years, committed suicide. He publicly grieved the loss at the time, sharing photos of them together on social media. Breezy also posted screenshots of their last text conversation that suggested Jackson was struggling mentally and had been for some time.

600 Breezy Drank “Pints” Of Lean

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Additionally, 600 Breezy revealed that the drug use resulted in him having health problems. “I ain’t seen the gym in months. It’s just like, I just wanna do drugs and do drugs and do drugs and just be numb. But, that ain’t the way to go.” Even sitting for the VladTV interview, Breezy admitted he was still in pain. “It’s killing me,” he admitted. “I was drinking Lean. Like, pints.”

“I did nothing but drugs, ’cause it was like, it was nothin’ in this world that anybody could tell me about anything. I just lost my woman, I did everything with her. If I traveled to work, she came with me. She was with me like she was my child, every day. It go from every day, talkin’ and being with somebody and now, you know. It’s like, she’s just gone. I don’t got an explanation, I don’t got nothing.” Watch 600 Breezy speak about his grief below.


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