After her breast reduction, former ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Recchia is celebrating

Rachel Recchia showed off her new look at Coachella, post breast reduction. (Photo: Getty Images)

Former Bachelorette Rachel Recchia is feeling “the best” in a crop top at Coachella following a breast reduction.

The season 19 co-lead, who starred alongside Gabby Windey, has shared her journey on social media since getting a breast reduction six weeks ago. Over the weekend, she stepped out for the music festival wearing a top to show off her new look.

Recchia took to TikTok to share a video of her outfit and, more specifically, her smaller breasts, tucked underneath a cropped white tank top. “I have waited my entire life to wear this top!!!” she captioned the video.

The 27-year-old had previously talked about her desire to wear certain styles of clothing that she wasn’t able to because of the size of her breasts. She first considered getting a reduction when she was 17.

“I feel like I spent all of my teenage years and my early 20s just really trying to hide my body. That’s why a lot of the time you guys would see me very covered up,” she said in a TikTok video leading up to the surgery. “I would always try on dresses or outfits with [Bachelor franchise stylist Cary Fetman] and I remember always being like, ‘You know, when I get my boobs done I can wear this.’ And I got to the point where I have so many tops and bras and just bathing suits that are saved for when I get this because I didn’t know when it was, but all I knew was one day I was gonna get it and I was gonna be wearing little tops.”

Coachella 2023 offered Recchia that opportunity.

“The best feeling post op is wearing the shirts you never could,” one commenter wrote on the recent video, where Recchia responded, “the best.” Another wrote, “Feels like we were reborn,” to which Recchia said “you get me!!”

Others asked about the details of the look, which prompted Recchia to reveal that she was wearing a tank top that she cropped herself. A bit of bejeweled detailing that poked out was something she added to her bra to “cover up my scar tape.”

Recchia commented on the unusual accessory. (Photo: Instagram via pilot.rachel)Recchia commented on the unusual accessory. (Photo: Instagram via pilot.rachel)

Recchia commented on the unusual accessory. (Photo: Instagram via pilot.rachel)

She later joked on her Instagram stories that scar tape — a medical-grade silicone tape meant to reduce the appearance of scar tissue — was her “#1 accessory” for the weekend, as she’s still only six weeks out from surgery.

On TikTok she shared that, for a couple of months, she’s meant to be wearing a bra that was provided to her after surgery. But for a Coachella debut, Recchia noted, “I made an exception.”

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