Apple Event 2023: Apple announces release date of iOS 17!

iOS 17 release date: Apple users and tech enthusiasts have been waiting for this since its preview in June at the WWDC. iOS 17 is currently in beta testing mode and is only available to developers and public beta testers. But now, it will be available for all.

Apple has confirmed through its iPhone press release that its latest operating system, iOS 17, will be released as a free software update on Monday, September 18, 2023.

With iOS 17, there are various new features and upgrades that have been introduced. There are new features for Phones, FaceTime, and Messages, along with upgrades for other apps.

From September 18 you will be able to access all the new feature and upgrades of iOS17.

Features and Upgrades in iOS 17

Customized contact posters: With iOS 17 You can now choose a photo or a Memoji, select a font, a font color, and more and you can see them while calling a person. This feature is available for the Phone app and also for third-party apps.

Live Voicemail: This feature shows the transcription of the message on the Lock Screen as the person is speaking in real time. Basically, you can read whatever is being said in the voicemail on your lock screen and choose to pick up the call or not. Calls that are marked as spam by carriers will be declined and will not appear as Live Voicemail.

NameDrop: This is a feature of AirDrop where you can bring your iPhone near another iPhone in order to exchange contact information. This is applicable to the Apple Watch as well.

Facetime app: If you are not able to pick up a call on FaceTime, the person on the other end can leave a video recording for you or an audio message.

You can now link your iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV 4K for FaceTime on the TV. This feature supports Center Stage framing and all other FaceTime features, which include Handoff, for transferring calls between an iOS device and the TV.

Message app: Now, you can use a message app with a cleaner interface. With the new update, you can access to apps, photos, and the camera attached to the”+” button that’s next to the compose bar.

Apart from these features, a key new feature has been introduced called StandBy. It is a new full-screen view that provides glanceable information designed to be viewed from a distance when an iPhone is on its side and charging.

There are various other updates available in iOS 17. You can use them all after the release of iOS 17 for the general public. Till then, if you are curious, you can use the beta version of iOS 17.

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