Auto-GPT will supercharge ChatGPT and change how we use it – in very scary ways

Developers have swarmed ChatGPT in its booming popularity, finding innovative and exciting ways to not only integrate the bot into their projects in new ways but tweaking the chatbot to make the most out of it.

Now, they’re building ways to automate ChatGPT prompts to encourage the tool to perform autonomous tasks, taking the weight off users consistently having to guide the bot while using it for work.

Auto-GPT is an open-source application developed by Toran Bruce Richards on GitHub that automates prompts for GPT-4 (the latest version of the powerful ChatGPT AI bot).  With the application, users can put in a list of tasks, rather than a single task at a time, that they want to be completed and Auto-GPT ‘talks’ to ChatGPT to generate prompts by itself and finish the various interwoven tasks. It produces its own ‘subtasks’ in order to help complete the stated tasks.

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