Best CBD for Calming or Stress Relief in 2023

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If you’re looking for a CBD option to help relieve some daily stress, you’ve come to the right place. Research has found that there’s evidence to suggest that CBD may help with a variety of stress and anxiety disorders, like PTSD.

But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. That’s where this buyer’s guide comes in! We’ve reviewed the top CBD products for calming and stress relief so that you can be informed while considering your options.

Best Overall CBD for Calming: FOCL Feel Good CBD + THC Gummies

Best CBD Oil for Calming: Verma Farms Mint CBD Oil

Most Potent CBD Gummies: CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Best Non-CBD Option: Natural Stacks GABA Brain Food

Most Relaxing: Mission Farms Relax CBD Bath Soak

Finding the Best CBD for Calming: A Buyer’s Guide

It’s no surprise that CBD has become a popular way to help ease anxiety and promote relaxation. But how can you be sure you are getting the best product for your needs? The key is in understanding what sets one type of CBD apart from the next and knowing which factors to consider when shopping.

To help you on your CBD journey, we’ve created this buyer’s guide with tons of detailed information so that you can choose the right option for your needs.

What to Consider When Buying CBD for Calming

When shopping for CBD products, here are three of the most important factors to consider.

Production Process

Finding quality CBD for calming means understanding how it is produced. In general, all CBD products are made in a similar way though the particular details may vary from brand to brand.

The process begins with selecting and harvesting high-quality hemp plants with potent levels of cannabidiol (CBD). Following this, the hemp is then processed using one of several extraction methods used to separate out any oils or other active ingredients as well as terpenes which give each product its unique flavor profile.

The next step involves refining the extract through distillation and winterization processes that remove trace amounts of THC as well as other small molecules like waxes and plant matter while leaving behind only the desired cannabinoids including CBD.

When determining the best CBD products for this list, we made sure each brand uses the best production process possible.

Customer Reviews

Reviews can be a great source of information when looking to purchase CBD.

Reviews written by real customers contain valuable insights into the effectiveness and quality of different products, so shoppers should take the time to read them before placing an order.

This kind of feedback is hugely helpful whether you are new to using CBD or already knowledgeable in the area, providing shoppers with ‘real world’ accounts from people who have already tried specific brands and can share their experiences with others.

Quality ingredients

When purchasing CBD products, it is important to make sure the product contains high-quality ingredients that are safe and effective.

Through testing in laboratory settings as well as reports from actual users of these products on their effects, research has found that high-quality cannabis-derived building blocks result in enhanced potency which boosts the effectiveness of treatments when trying to achieve goals.

How Does CBD Work for Calming?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, prompting various responses and reactions that can affect anxiety levels, stress levels, sleep cycles and other physiological processes.

When taken in appropriate doses, it has been found to help reduce symptoms related to nervousness and anxiety. It does this by activating certain types of receptors that are known as serotonin receptors involved in regulation of moods and emotions.

CBD also influences dopamine neurotransmitters responsible for many important bodily functions such as controlling movement, thinking process, emotional reaction etc. As a result of these effects on the brain receptors it may help individuals feel calmer while remaining alert and focused when necessary.

With continued use over time some users have experienced better sleep quality at night which can contribute positively into developing an overall sense of improved well being during the day.

Most Common Types of CBD

There are three main types of CBD available on the market – full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains a complete profile of various cannabinoids, including THC. The other compounds beyond just the major cannabinoids, such as terpenes and flavonoids, can have an effect on how the potential health benefits are delivered to users.

These additional compounds found in full-spectrum may be said to create something known as the “entourage effect” which amplifies some of CBD’s therapeutic effects. Full spectrum CBD offers all these benefits combined due to its unique combination of multiple active compounds that work synergistically together within one’s body providing more effective results.

Broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is becoming more popular among CBD users due to its ability to provide therapeutic effects without the psychoactive side-effects of cannabis. It’s becoming known as a powerful and naturally occurring cannabinoid that most closely resembles full-spectrum products, since it has an extensive range of beneficial compounds including terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients, minus THC (the compound found in cannabis that causes psychoactive effects).

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and contains no other cannabinoids or compounds. It’s made by extracting only a single compound from hemp plants: Cannabidiol (CBD).

As such, it’s considered the safer option for users who don’t want any psychoactive side effects or potential intoxication to occur.

Most Common Forms of CBD

CBD can be administered in a variety of ways, including oils, gummies and topical applications.

CBD Oils

CBD oils are one of the most popular ways for people to tap into the calming and restorative properties of cannabidiol. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plants, primarily hemp, providing a safe and non-intoxicating way to experience its effects.

CBD oils can be taken directly under the tongue, or added to drinks, food, baked goods, or any other exciting way you’d like to use it.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a tasty and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors with different concentrations of CBD per serving.

While all forms of CBD can promote calmness and relaxation, CBD gummies have the advantage of being easy to work into your regular diet. As opposed to more traditional types of ingestion such as tinctures or oils that require measuring out exact doses, consumers who use gummies can simply consume their desired dose by consuming a couple pieces or gummy bears at once for on-the-go calming effects.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are creams, lotions and other similar products. These products can offer a variety of benefits for calming the mind and body, including relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety-related issues, stress regulation, skin care and more. They’re ideal for getting localized relief since users can apply the cream directly to the area in need.

Other Potential Benefits of CBD

With the potential of CBD comes more than just offering calming effects; it may also hold several possible benefits to improve a person’s quality of life.

Improved sleep

CBD could be beneficial for those struggling to get adequate sleep, thanks to its calming and relaxing effects on the mind and body. Studies suggest that CBD produces an effect of relaxation during anxious states which may help reduce racing thoughts often associated with insomnia.

Mood-boosting effects

CBD is quickly becoming one of the most popular supplements for people looking to improve their mood and combat stress, anxiety, and depression. CBD has a naturally calming effect on the mind, helping reduce issues like restlessness or insomnia that can make it difficult for some individuals to relax at night.

Pain relief

CBD is increasingly being studied as a potential treatment for pain, with studies showing that it can reduce inflammation, ease muscle soreness and help people manage chronic pain.

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate neurotransmitter signaling in the brain and reduce inflammation throughout the body. For those suffering from joint ailments such as arthritis or even normal muscle soreness from exercise, applying topical CBD products directly to the affected area may offer some relief.

Comparing the Best CBD for Calming in 2023

Here’s a look into our five favorite choices for a calming CBD experience.

Best Overall CBD for Calming: FOCL Feel Good CBD + THC Gummies


  • Full-spectrum blend offers synergistic effects
  • Delicious and convenient form
  • Third-party lab-tested for quality


  • Only one flavor currently available

FOCL Feel Good CBD + THC Gummies are crafted to provide a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the combined benefits of CBD and THC. These tasty gummies are perfect for those looking for a mild psychoactive effect along with the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Made with natural ingredients and carefully tested for quality, each gummy promises to boost mood and relaxation.

Product Specs:

  • CBD Type: Full-Spectrum (includes THC)
  • Size: 30 gummies per bottle
  • Strength: 25mg CBD + 5mg THC per gummy
  • Flavor: Blood orange

Buy now!

Best CBD Oil for Calming: Verma Farms Mint CBD Oil

Verma Farms CBD Oil


  • Contains only trace amounts of THC
  • Refreshing mint flavor
  • Sourced from sustainable farming practices


  • Contains tree nuts (coconut oil)

Verma Farms Mint CBD Oil is a refreshing blend of high-quality CBD with a hint of mint flavor. Ideal for daily use, this broad spectrum cbd oil provides all the benefits of CBD without psychoactive effects for most people (due to only containing trace amounts of THC, if any). It’s a perfect addition to your daily routine to promote calm and relaxation.

For a delicious minty treat to help you wind down in the evening, add a drop or two into your nighttime tea.

Product Specs:

  • CBD Type: Broad-Spectrum (THC-free)
  • Size: 30ml bottle
  • Strength: 500mg or 1,000mg CBD per bottle

Buy now!

Most Potent CBD Gummies: CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

CBDistillery gummies


  • High-strength full-spectrum CBD
  • Delicious and convenient
  • Made from non-GMO industrial hemp


  • May be too strong for beginners or those with low tolerance

CBDistillery 30mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are designed to provide a potent dose of CBD in a convenient and delicious form. With full-spectrum CBD, these gummies deliver all the beneficial cannabinoids for a balanced and effective experience. Whether you need relaxation or pain relief, these gummies have you covered.

Product Specs:

  • CBD Type: Full spectrum CBD
  • Size: 25 gummies per bottle
  • Strength: 30mg CBD per gummy
  • Flavor: Strawberry

Buy now!

Best Non-CBD Option: Natural Stacks GABA Brain Food

Natural Stacks brain food


  • Supports mental clarity and relaxation
  • Contains natural and scientifically-backed ingredients
  • Suitable for daily use


  • Lacks CBD, which might be preferred by some users

Natural Stacks GABA Brain Food is designed to enhance mental clarity and relaxation. As a natural neurotransmitter, GABA supports calm thinking and improves mood. This unique formulation combines GABA with essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced brain function.

Product Specs:

  • Contains GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), not CBD
  • Size: 60 capsules per bottle
  • Strength: 200mg GABA per capsule

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Most Relaxing: Mission Farms Relax CBD Bath Soak

Mission Farms bath soak


  • Provides a spa-like experience at home
  • Contains soothing essential oils
  • Ideal for muscle relaxation


  • No bigger sizes available currently

Mission Farms Relax CBD Bath Soak is your pathway to ultimate relaxation. Infused with full-spectrum CBD and a blend of therapeutic essential oils, this bath soak transforms your bath into a spa-like experience. It’s perfect for soothing sore muscles, calming the mind, and rejuvenating the body.

Product Specs:

  • CBD Type: Full-Spectrum
  • Size: 3.5 oz bag
  • Strength: 175mg CBD per bag
  • Scent: Honey grapefruit

Buy now!

People Also Ask

Who can benefit from CBD?

CBD has a range of potential health benefits for all kinds of individuals — from seniors to those suffering with pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues.

While CBD does not make most users feel ‘high’ or intoxicated like cannabis products do, it is thought to help people achieve feelings of relaxation and calmness. Research suggests that CBD can activate the parts of our brain that are responsible for producing serotonin (a hormone associated with happiness and wellbeing), as well as helping lower cravings in certain conditions.

It may also reduce blood pressure slightly which could provide an extra calming effect on the body. Given this potential for relief, many believe taking CBD can lead to improved mental wellbeing over time without any significant side effects noted when taken responsibly according to suggested doses from professionals.

Are there potential side effects of CBD?

While considered safe and unlikely to produce strong side effects in most people, CBD has the potential for mild adverse reactions like nausea, fatigue and other flu-like symptoms. Clinical studies have suggested that in some cases these side effects can be attributed to interactions between CBD and other medications being taken.

Can I take CBD every day?

Studies and clinical trials suggest that daily usage can be tolerated by most people without any side effects.

To date, there are no known long-term risks associated with taking CBD on a regular basis and it appears to have an excellent safety profile in adults. That said, some people may experience mild digestive issues or fatigue while taking high dosage levels but these symptoms usually dissipate quickly after discontinuing use.

Everyone’s body responds differently to CBD so if you decide to try using it regularly, start out with a low dose and monitor how your body feels before gradually increasing the amount taken over time until you reach the desired effect for your needs.

How long does it take to see results?

The amount of time it takes to see results when using CBD for calming purposes can vary depending on the individual and other factors. Generally, the effects of CBD become noticeable within minutes after use but these could last anywhere from a few hours up to several days.

The primary factor that will influence the results-timeline is dosage: higher dosages often result in faster relief whereas lower doses may take longer to reach their maximum effect.

Frequency of dosing also plays an important role since changes are more likely to be noticed with consistent use rather than single, sporadic uses over longer periods of time. Additionally, due to differences in body chemistry and metabolic rate, certain individuals might experience different levels or lengths of relief compared with others.

Is CBD legal?

CBD derived from hemp is federally legal in the United States, while CBD extracted from marijuana plants may not be. Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa planted and harvested for its sturdy stalks and low THC content (no more than 0.3 percent).

Marijuana or cannabis typically contains higher concentrations of THC — the chemical responsible for producing psychoactive effects — but it can also contain large amounts of cannabidiol, or CBD.

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation at a federal level. Under this law, most products made with industrial-grown hemp in the US are legal as long as they have less than 0.3% THC concentration by dry weight.

This means that CBD oil derived from such plant biomass has no psychoactive properties and is considered safe to consume by individuals of all ages without any health concerns when purchasing or using them legally in all 50 states across America.

Will CBD produce psychoactive effects?

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant and it does not cause any psychoactive effects for most people. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not produce any mind-altering results when inhaled or ingested.

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