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BRISTOL, Tenn. / Va. (WJHL) – Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion kicked off on Friday night in the streets of downtown Bristol.

Several music artists, including Oliver Wood of the Oliver Wood Trio and Wood Brothers, returned this year. Last year, he performed with the Wood Brothers Band.

“Had a great time last year playing with the Wood Brothers and saw so much great music on so many great stages,” Wood said. “Ate some good food and have been looking forward to this weekend as well, just having done it before.”

Grammy-nominated Amythyst Kiah, an East Tennessee native based in Johnson City, has performed at multiple reunions.

“I’m really excited to be back here again,” Kiah said. “Last year was the first year since 2010 that I didn’t actually play this festival, and I definitely missed it. So I’m really excited to be back and be playing on the Piedmont Stage, which is one of my favorite stages to watch shows here.”

Kiah performed a mix of genres with a full band this year.

“A mix of like rock, blues, country,” Kiah said. “The band that I have is amazing and it’s got a really nice groove going, rhythmically, and so people can get up and dance if they want to. People are used to seeing me perform solo and it’s usually like kind of seated and people are just watching, but people can be free to get up and move around on these [stages].”

The Wood Brothers just released their new album “Heart is the Hero” earlier this year.
Oliver Wood says he is finding time to work on new music.

“In this in-between Wood Brothers stage, I’m going to work on some new music on my own, again, collaborating with some new people,” Wood said. “So, I should have a new solo record out in 2024.”

Amythyst Kiah is also working on new music.

“I’ve been also co-writing, it’s the first time that I’ve co-written for my own music,” Kiah said. “And while it was terrifying at first because I usually like to keep my songs pretty, pretty close to me, it was actually a wonderful learning experience, and it’s really helped me grow as a writer and as a musician.”

Various different music artists, both globally and locally known, will be performing this weekend at the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion.

To see a lineup of this year’s music artists, click here.

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