Country music in Nashville: Todd Snider releases 16-year-old album – Tennessean

Todd Snider and his producer Eric McConnell lost an album over 16 years ago. It was gone, seemingly forgotten amidst the other songs Snider released and McConnell moved on to produce.

And now, the dust has been shaken off the record and cobwebs brushed away—”Crank It, We’re Doomed” is finally seeing the light of day.

On Nov. 10, Snider released the vaulted album which was recorded in 2007 in McConnell’s studio in Nashville and mastered by Jim DeMain, who ended up finding the lost album. The bluesy, garage rock narrative-heavy album brings listeners into stories about crime, love, lust, bullies and ballroom gowns.

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter Snider is known for his eclectic style that incorporates elements of the blues, folk, country, rock and funk. Known for songs “Beer Run,” “I Can’t Complain” and “Just Like Old Times,” Snider’s easy-going attitude and folksy flair shines through his songs.

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