Creators to soon get email list of subscribers on X; Elon Musk says they are ?not trapped here?

After recently announcing the new feature of audio and video call support to X (formerly Twitter), now the platform is working on a feature specifically for creators that will give them the freedom to leave the platform whenever they want without losing their subscribers. Yes, while most social media platforms add features with higher engagement in mind, X is doing the opposite here. This new feature will allow those users who subscribe to a creator to choose to share their email account to enable them to contact and communicate even when they’re not using the platform. Company owner Elon Musk said that it will let them know that they are not trapped on the platform.

Elon Musk replied to a post highlighting this new feature, and said, “It’s vital that creators be able to leave our platform at any time and take their subscribers with them. We want to give peace of mind to creators that they’re not trapped here if they build a large audience”.

The original poster, an X account dedicated to posting news and developments around the platform, initially said, “X is working on adding an option to share your email when you Subscribe to a creator. This could be for a newsletter function and/or to allow creators to easily take their email list with them to other platforms, as Elon has previously promised”.

X to share email list of subscribers with creators

Creators today want their followers to stay connected with them over multiple platforms as it gives them the opportunity to easily communicate with them, as well as offers the security that in case their account is compromised, they can still keep the followers with them on a different platform and begin again.

This new feature to share email lists of subscribers with creators takes this even further and gives them the reassurance that they can leave the platform at any time without losing any of their core members.

But more importantly, it also tells them that they do not need to divide their attention over multiple platforms for fear of losing out on their subscribers. It is believed the move could be a bid to convince creators to be exclusive to X.

Reacting to this, one user said, “This is a great idea because it leads to competition. No vendor lock in is great for consumer choice. I agree wholeheartedly with the customer owning their content and subscribers. Then they choose which platform works best for them. Requires X tostay relevant by adding features”.

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