‘Daily Show’ visits Louisville to try to understand Kentucky politics

Kentucky’s legislature drew a lot of attention this year.

Now “The Daily Show” is taking a closer look. The Comedy Central show descended upon Louisville’s Bardstown Road to talk to “real Kentuckians” about the GOP-dominated legislature’s actions in a segment that airs Wednesday night. 

The segment, which airs at 11 p.m. Eastern, opens on Louisville’s Great Lawn, Big Four Bridge in the background, as guest host Desi Lydic — who was born in Louisville — says the changes Kentucky “currently faces can’t be resolved with Accutane and 150 hours of community service.” 

The Comedy Central show then launches into a mash-up of TV news headlines about state legislative efforts: one of the nation’s most extreme anti-trans laws (passed), a bill to criminalize abortions (never saw the light of day), a law preventing local law enforcement from enforcing national gun bans (passed), a bill stifling drag shows (died in the House), among others. 

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