Desiigner to Register as Sex Offender After Pleading Guilty to Public Indecent Exposure

Desiigner, the rapper best known for his 2016 hit, “Panda,” has been ordered to register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to one count of public indecent exposure stemming from an April incident on a flight from Japan to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

According to court documents obtained by ET, the 26-year-old — whose real name is Sidney Royel Selby III — formally pleaded guilty on Thursday to one count of obscenely and indecently exposed genitalia in a public place. As part of his plea, the rapper has been ordered to register as a sex offender. He was also sentenced to two years probation, fined $5,000 and ordered to participate in psychological, psychiatric, or mental health evaluation, perform 120 hours of community service, and submit to regular drug testing.

As part of his probation, he’s subject to visits from his probation officer at any time, must work full time (at least 30 hours per week) and he cannot own, posses or have access to a firearm, ammunition or any dangerous weapon. 

The plea stems from an April 17 incident on a Delta flight from Japan. According to the criminal complaint, an FBI agent stated that Desiigner “obscenely and indecently exposed his genitals and masturbated in a public place.” The FBI agent stated that a flight attendant noticed the rapper’s “penis was outside of his sweatpants.” The flight attendant then told Desiigner “No,” prompting the rapper, who was sitting in first class, to “then put his penis in his pants.”

But about five minutes later, the FBI agent states in the complaint, Desiigner exposed himself again, but this time “his penis was erect, and he was masturbating.” The flight attendant told him “no” again and a second flight attendant warned him he was going to be arrested.

The criminal complaint states Desiigner then pulled out his penis a third time before a flight attendant gave him an FAA violation card, which is a notice that states a passenger’s behavior “appears to be in violation of federal law.” Desiigner stated he was sorry, the complaint states.

At the request of flight attendants, the complaint further states, Desiigner was moved to the back of the plane where two friends agreed to monitor him. And when he “initially stood up to move seats, a jar of Vaseline dropped in the aisle.”

“Once seated with his companions, [Desiigner] told his Security Guard that he was ‘bugging,’ had ‘messed up,’ and was ‘sorry,’” the complaint continued. “He engaged in no additional acts of exposure or masturbation during the flight. At the end of the flight, [Desiigner] apologized to airplane staff.”

The FBI agent states he interviewed Desiigner after the flight landed in Minneapolis and asked him what happened. Desiigner explained in a recorded interview that “he was returning after performing in Japan, where he ‘didn’t really get much …. cootie.’ As a result, he said he was ‘brick hard’ when he got on the plane.”

The FBI agent stated the rapper “saw a ‘real great beautiful lady, and I just kind of showed her, showed her, um, ‘the magic stick.’” When the FBI agent asked Desiigner if he pulled out his penis on purpose, the agent stated Desiigner responded, “Yeah, she was turning me on.”

The criminal complaint would go on to state that Desiigner said he was not under the influence prior to exposing himself, though he admitted to having been prescribed medicine in Thailand. The agent stated, “[Desiigner] did not appear to me to be impaired. He appeared to understand all my questions, which he answered with coherent responses.”

Desiigner, who has since wiped out his Instagram account, addressed the incident in a since-deleted IG post.

“For the past few months I have not been ok, and I have been struggling to come to terms with what is going on,” he wrote. “While overseas for a concert I performed at, I had to be admitted in to a hospital. I was not thinking clearly. They gave me meds, and I had to hop on a plane home. I am ashamed of my actions that happened on that plane. I landed back to the states, … am admitting myself [sic] in a facility to help me.”


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