Duolingo harmonises learning: Maths and music lessons join language learning app

Duolingo, the company known for its language learning app, has exciting news to share. They are launching a brand new app called Duolingo Music. This app will not only teach you languages but also maths and music.

This announcement comes after reports that Duolingo was looking for music experts earlier this year. They’ve been working on this app, and now they are ready to roll it out. Duolingo promised to unveil more details at its upcoming Duocon conference on October 11, according to a Tech Crunch report.

So, what’s in this new app? Well, it’s what they call a “multi-subject experience.” It includes Duolingo Math, Duolingo Music, and, of course, their famous language lessons all in one app. They will give us a closer look at Duocon.

A Sneak Peek at the Learning Experience

In a promotional video, Duolingo offers a sneak peek at the first official product images, revealing that the revamped app will offer easily digestible lessons, engaging interactive exercises, and opportunities for users to enhance their skills. Regarding the musical aspect, code buried within the Duolingo app has hinted at piano keys and a drum, along with lines of code alluding to music sessions, songs, and music unit reviews, among other intriguing features.

What’s Inside the Duolingo Music App?

While Duolingo has not unveiled all the intricate details of its new music product, it has confirmed that the app will encompass “hundreds” of lessons and feature over 200 “fun and familiar tunes.” This new offering will harness the trademark gamified learning experience and interactive exercises that have made Duolingo a household name in language learning.

Why Duolingo Is Adding Music

The company’s venture into the realm of music education has been partly motivated by a glaring need in the United States. Shockingly, over 3.6 million students lack access to music education, with private lessons often carrying a staggering price tag of up to $400 per session, according to Duolingo. Furthermore, studies have consistently demonstrated that learning music can yield significant benefits in areas such as reading, verbal communication, listening skills, and mathematics.

Duolingo has been diligently working to expand its successful learning model to encompass a broader spectrum of subjects. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Duolingo introduced the free English literacy app for children, Duolingo ABC. Last October marked the launch of Duolingo Math, the company’s first significant expansion beyond language learning.

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