EN Brasserie Lures The NYC Style Set With New Music Bar

For the last 18 years, EN Brasserie has been the hot reservation to nab among the most stylish New Yorkers south of 14th Street. The chic Japanese eatery in the West Village is adored for its range of hamachi, sushi and wagyu beef dishes in cool digs worthy of a Saturday night dinner.

Now, the restaurant is enticing its clientele with more reasons to hang out once the last bowl of rice has been served. Last December it launched its new Music Bar, a sectioned off lounge in the front of the restaurant where a resident DJ is offering vinyl sessions and spinning tunes deep into the late night. Every Wednesday through Saturday from 10 pm to 2 am, fans of En can sip sake into the wee hours in this dedicated listening space.

The Music Bar was born out of En founder Reika Alexander’s vision to create a warm space and community that encourages guests to enjoy each other through an immersive analog audio experience. An extension of what she considers her home, the Music Bar was inspired by her grandfather who used to operate a music bar in Tokyo and provided musical entertainment before people had television or radios. With a strong passion for music, Alexander sought to bring a similar concept of this listening space to her own restaurant with a New York twist.

“In launching the Music Bar, I wanted to breathe new energy into New York City’s nightlife scene and create a space and atmosphere that prioritizes enjoyment of music, great company, great drinks, and really the guest experience above all else,” says Alexander. “Music is my biggest passion. The feeling I had when I first experienced music bars in Tokyo, is hard to describe but it was almost as if the music was hugging me. I wanted to recreate that experience at En because it is unparalleled. It’s a totally unique way of immersing yourself in sound that’s impossible to understand unless you experience it first-hand.”

Featuring vintage turntables and Westminster Royal High Fidelity speakers for the finest sound system, guests can listen to En’s collection of rare records from around the world, all handpicked by Alexander herself, while sipping on craft cocktails made with special Japanese sakes. The intimate Music Bar further provides a Japanese bottle service called ‘Botorukipu’ – the concept of ‘bottle keep’ where guests will be able to enjoy an unfinished bottle of alcohol next time they return to the restaurant that will be kept under their name.

“The Music Bar is designed to highlight the sanctity of the listening experience, while simultaneously creating space for connection amongst friends,” says Alexander. “I feel as though it’s an untapped happy medium between a nightclub and a bar and I am thrilled to bring this concept to the City and carry on my grandfather’s legacy.”

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