Eric Andre And Emily Ratajkowski’s Valentine’s Day Picture Explained

Eric Andre and Emily Ratajkowski had posted nude pictures of themselves on Valentine’s Day. It has been a month, but we now have a better picture of what happened that day. Eric Andre did an interview with Rolling Stone, in which he explains why they ended up taking the photo. Most of that interview had to do with the upcoming season of his TV show, The Eric Andre Show. He also commented on the trope of the actress/model dating the “ugly” comedian. “How could this happen?” He joked and added, “I think that people think attraction is only based on physical appearance, but beauty is only skin-deep.”

Andre and Ratajkowski had not been together long. Only since January. However, we do know that they spent a lot of time together. They had spent a three-hour dinner together and even had a romantic getaway to the Cayman Islands. While they did not date for long, they went off the deep end and tried to get the most out of their time together.

Valentine’s Day Aftermath

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Andre was just in the moment when Ratajkowski started laughing and she took a photo of it. When he saw it, they both started dying of laughter. They knew they had to share it with the world. Ratajkowski was repeating “Iconic, this is iconic.” Every time that she saw the photograph. The reason why the photograph worked was that it was instinctual, according to him. It spoke to the hormones as well as to the mind. It was just a happy little accident. Ratajkowski has not commented on this story yet to give her side of it.

What we do know, however, is that a couple of days later, they broke things off. Ratajkowski revealed this through a vague Tick Tock video. We do not know what exactly happened between them. Ratajkowski appears to have a problem with long-term relationships. The last time that she had stayed with someone for more than a year was with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. There is speculation that she is going back to DJ Orazio Rispo, whom she dated, four months ago. However, nothing is confirmed.


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